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Page 61:-
furnish.- The artist will find a proper stand on the inside of the stone-wall.
Having from this station enjoyed these charming views, descend to the ferry-house, and proceed to the Great Island, where you will again see all that is charming on the lake, or magnificent and sublime in the environs, in a new point of view.
The island was long the property of the Philipsons, once a family of consequence in these parts [1].
station, Belle Isle S
STATION II. The views from this delicious spot are many and charming.- From the south side of the island you look over a noble extent of water, bounded in front by waves of distant mountains, that rise from the water's edge. The two ferry-points form a picturesque strait; and beyond that, the Storrs on one side, and Rawlinson's nab on the other, shooting far into the lake, form a grand sinuosity, while the intermediate shores are beautifully indented with wooded promontories, or ornamented with elegant edgings of luxurious trees. Berkshire and Crow-
[1] This island is now the property of Mr. Curwen, who finished the large mansion-house begun by Mr. English, laid the whole out in pleasure-grounds, in the modern style, suitable to the place, and made it one of the sweetest places that can be imagined.
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