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Page 74:-
an eminence, a little behind Rayrig [1], there is a fine view of the northern extremity of the lake. As you proceed along the banks, every step has importance, and the prospect becomes more and more august, exhibiting much variety of Appenine grandeur. Langdale-pikes, that guard the pass into Borrowdale on this side of the Yoak, and spiral Hill-bell; the overhanging crags of lofty Rainsbarrow; the broken ridge of Redscrees, Fairfield, and Scrubby-crag (on whose precipitous front the eagle builds his nest, secure from the envious shepherds of the vale) with a chaos of other nameless mountains, are all in sight.
[1] This place is said to have some resemblance to Ferney, on the lake of Geneva, the seat of the late celebrated Voltaire.
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