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Page 240:-
the church gates is the old hall, taken notice of one hundred and fifty years ago by drunken Barnaby, in his Itinerary. It is still an inn, and no doubt keeps up its ancient character.
Veni Lonsdale, ubi cernam,
Aulam factam in tabernam;
Nitidae portae, nivei muri,
Cyathi pleni, pacae curae;
Edunt, bibunt, ludunt, rident,
Cura dignum, nihil vident.
I came to Lonsdale, were I staid
At hall, into a tavern made:
Neat gates, white walls - nought was sparing;
Pots brim-full - no thought of caring;
They eat, drink, laugh, are still mirth making -
Nought they see that's worth care taking.
On our entrance into the church-yard we were struck with the neatness and elegance of the vicarage house, which faced us. The pleasant garden adjoining, ornamented with a neat octagonal summer-house, commanding one of the most delightful prospects of nature, must render this sweet retreat a happy abode to the worthy vicar.
We walked through the church-yard, which is large and spacious, along the margin of a high and steep bank, to neat white mansion-house full in view, somewhat above half a mile distant, called Underley. The prospect was of the most amusing kind. At the foot of the steep bank on which we walked, being about forty or fifty yards perpendicular, glided the large pellucid river Lune, amongst the rocks and pebbles, which amused the ear, whilst the eye was entertained itself with a vast variety of agreeable objects. A transparent sheet of still water, about half a mile in length, lay stretched out before us; at the high end of it was a grotesque range of impending rocks of red stone, about thirty yards in perpendicular height, which had an excellent effect in the scene, both by their colour and situation. We were told,
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