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Page 178:-
[Cum]berland, both under the Saxons and Danes. But when England submitted to the Normans, this part of it also came into their power, and fell to the share of Radulph de Meschines, whose eldest son Ranulph was lord of Cumberland, and in right of his mother and by favour of the king earl of Chester. King Stephen to gratify the Scots restored it to them to be holden of him and the kings of England. But his successor Henry II. finding this liberality of Stephen likely to prove prejudicial to himself and kingdom, demanded Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland, of the Scots. "The Scottish king, as Neubrigensis [b] relates, wisely considering that the king of England had the advantage in this demand both by strength of arms and justice of claim, though he might have alledged the oath which he was said to have taken to his grandfather David when he received knighthood from him, honestly restored the borders aforesaid upon demand, and in return received from him the county of Huntingdon, to which he had an antient right."
  Earls of Cumberland.
  Cumberland, Earl of
Before the time of Henry VIII. there were no earls of Cumberland. He created [c] Henry Clifford, descended from the lords Vipont, first earl of Cumberland, who by Margaret daughter of Henry Percy earl of Northumberland, had Henry [d] 2d earl, who by his first wife daughter of Charles Brandon duke of Suffolk, had Margaret countess of Derby, by his 2d wife daughter of lord Dacre of Gillesland, two sons George and Francis. George, the 3d earl, distinguished himself in the sea-service, indefatigable and brave, and died 1605 [e], leaving an only daughter Anne [f]. He was succeeded by his brother Francis 4th earl, who discovers an ambition to equal the virtues of such ancestors [g].
This county contains 58 parish churches besides chapels.
[b] II. 4.
[c] 1523. 15 H.VIII. He died 34 H.VIII. buried at Appleby or Skipton. Dugd. Bar. I. 344.
[d] died 1569, 12 Eliz. buried at Skipton. Ib. 345. See before, p.41,42.
[e] buried at Skipton. Ib.
[f] now countess of Dorset. H.
[g] As for the Wardens of the West Marches against Scotland in this county, which were noblemen of special trust, I need to say nothing, when as by the Union of both kingdoms under one head that ofice is now determined. Id.
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