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Gentleman's Magazine 1791 p.992

"If thou be of the Table Round," quoth Torquin speedily,
"Both thee and all thy fellowship, I utterly defy."
"That's over much," quoth Lancelot, "defend thee by-and-by."
They set their spurs unto their steeds, and at each other fly.

They coucht their spears (their horses ran as tho' there had been thunder)
And strucke each other amidst their shield, wherewith they brake in sunder;
Their horses backs brake under them, the knights were both astound;
T'void their horses they mad haste, and light upon the ground.

They took them to their shields full fast, their swords they drew out than,
With mighty strokes most eagerlye each at the other ran;
They wounded were, and bled full sore, for breath they both did stand,
And leaning on their swords awhile, quoth Torquin, "hold thy hand,

"And tell to me what I do ask." "Say on," quoth Lancelot. "Tho'
Thou art," quoth Torquin, "the best knight that ever I did know,
And like a knight that I do hate, so that thou be not hee,
I will deliver all the rest, and eke accord with thee."

"That is well said," quoth Lancelot, "but sith it must be so,
What knight is that thou hatest thus, I pray thee to me show."
"His name is Lancelot du Lake, he slew my brother deare;
Him I suspect of all the rest; I would I had him here."

"Thy wish thou hast, but yet unknown, I am Lancelot du Lake,
Now knight of Arthur's Table Round; - 's son of Southake;
And I defy thee, do thy worst." "Ho! ho!" quoth Torquin, "Ho!
One of us two must end our lives before that we do go."

They buckled them together so, like unto wild boars rushing,
And with their swords they ran at one another flashing;
The ground besprinkled was with blood. Torquin began to yield,
For he gave back for weariness, and low did bear his shield.

This soon Sir Lancelot espy'd. he lept upon him then,
He pull'd him down upon his knee, and swashed off his helm;
Forthwith he struck his neck in twain, and when he had so done,
From prisone threescore knights and four delivered every one.
Yours, &c.
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