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Gentleman's Magazine 1792 p.25
workmanship in the rock, perhaps, surpass every thing of the kind in Europe.

  Mr Jollie

Mr Jollie

On being at Carlisle lately, I was pleased to find that Mr. Jollie, an industrious bookseller there, was assiduously collecting materials for a compleat History of the County of Cumberland. A gentleman, who has already gratified the publick with some of his works, with a distinguished liberality, has put into Mr. Jollie's hands the collections which, some years ago, he prepared for that county history. The Clergy and Gentlemen of the county have most indulgently sent to the intended editor their historical remarks and descriptions, so that we have reason to expect a valuable work, which is promised to be given to the press early in the spring. The subscription is filled with distinguished names, which is the best description of the public expectation.
The county of Cumberland abounds with natural beauties and antiquities; the field is large for the descriptive pen; and the historian will have ample materials to enliven the work with interesting incidents.
Great praise is due to Mr. Jollie, who comes forward singly to gratify the present age, greedy of topographical information, and to give to posterity the honours of the country where he lives, at a vast expence,and with infinite labour and attention.
It is to be hoped every admirer of topographical history, and every lover of his country, will assist the undertaking, by communicating such records, historical subjects, and matters of antiquity, as they may possess; and that the private repositories of gentlemen will be liberally opened, to make the work as compleat as possible.
The progress and present state of trade and manufacture, natural histroy, and every other subject that can gratify the curious eye, I am told, are enquired after by the intended editor, who has dispersed round the country and its environs queries, addressed to gentlemen, for that purpose.
As I am an encourager of works of this sort, I cannot forbear thus recommending the intended publication, and know you do not scruple to indulge a constant reader with remarks like these.
Yours, &c.
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