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Gentleman's Magazine 1804 p.322

  Worthies of Windermere
The Worthies of Windermere

April 13.
THE inclosed account of the Worthies of Winandermear has been sent me by a literary friend; and it will inform, and, I think, amuse some of your readers; and if you will give it a place soon in your Magazine you will oblige, Yours, &c.
Nations, provinces, and counties, have proudly boasted the births of men eminent for Arms, Arts, or Sciences. In the same county, Learning, Wit, and Parts, have appeared more in one age than another. Homer, Virgil, Milton, were of different countries. The Lake of Genoa may boast of Rousseau and Voltaire; but it is true, that in these latter days more men of letters, and of learned professions, have been born on the banks, or within a few miles, of the famous Lake Winandermear in England, than in any other part of the world of the like extent, and within the same space of time, that we know or have read of. For instance:
The late Rev. Dr. Edwin Sandys, Lord Archbishop of York.
Daniel Rawlinson, from Griesdale, citizen of London.
Sir William Rawlinson, one of the first Lords Commissioners for the custody of the Great Seal of England.
Rev. Dr. Law, Lord Bishop of Carlisle, one of whose sons was also mitred during the father's episcopacy.
Robert Rawlinson, chief justice of Chester, &c. &c.
Dr. Anthony Askew, the great Grecian of Emanuel college, Cambridge, and of St. Bartholomew's hospital.
- These were all near neighbours born, and were progenitors of great, respectable, and flourishing families, now in being.
Launcelot Addison, dean of Lichfield, father of the celebrated and highly-eminent Joseph Addison, esq.
Dr. John Barwick, of St.John's college, and dean of St. Paul's.
Dr. Peter Barwick, physician to King Charles II.
Allan Bellingham, king's counsel, and a bencher of the Inner Temple.
Richard Burn, LL.D. author of Justices' Law, &c. &c.
Ephraim Chambers, F.R.S. original author of the Cyclopaedia.
Lionel Ducket, fellow of Jesus college, Cambridge, and a great benefactor to it.
Dr. Robert Dawson, bishop of Clonsert in Ireland.
The Rev. Dr. Fell, who founded the Fourness-fell fellowship at St. John's college, Cambridge.
Dr. Sir John Fleming, bart. lord bishop of Carlisle.
William Fleming, archdeacon of Carlisle.
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Fothergill, master of St. John's college, Cambridge.
Dr. George Fothergill, principal of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.
Dr. Thomas Fothergill, provost of Queen's college, Oxford.
Dr. John Fothergill, a Quaker, and eminent physician in London.
Dr. Thomas Garnet, natural philosopher, &c.
The Rev. Dr. Edmund Gibson, lord bishop of London.
Bernard Gilpin, of Queen's, and also of Christ-church, Oxford, a great character in the persecuting times of Queen Mary, and who preached a remarkable sermon before and at Barnes, bishop of Durham.
Richard Hogarth, father of the ingenious and inimitable artist William Hogarth.
Sir Richard Hutton, a judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
Dr. Roger Leyburn, a bishop of the Church of Rome.
The Rev. Adam Pennyngton, of Boston, in Lincolnshire, who first endowed the free-school at Kendal.
Sir John Preston, a judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
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