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Gentleman's Magazine 1813 part 2 p.405

  John Pennington

Obituary, John Pennington

Oct. 8. At Muncaster Castle, Cumberland, John Pennington, Lord Muncaster, and a baronet. His Lordhsip married Peneleope, daughter and coheiress of James Compton, Esq. a lineal descendant of the Earls of Northampton; and by her, who died in November 1806, had issue one son, Gamel de Pennington, born July 1, 1780, died young; Anne Jane Penelope, died in April 1811; and Maria Frances Margaret, married, in Dec. 1811, James, Lord Lindsay, eldest son of Alexander, sixth Earl of Balcarras. His lordship leaving no issue male, the titles of Lord Muncaster and Baronet devolve to his only brother, General Lowther Pennington, now Lord Muncaster. The deceased peer was the fifth baronet in descent from Sir William Pennington, of Muncaster, created a baronet by Charles II. June 21, 1676. He represented the county of Westmoreland in many parliaments, and was raised to the dignity of Baron Muncaster, in Ireland, by patent dated Oct. 21, 1783, with remainder to his brother, Lowther Pennington. His lordship was the representaive of a long line of ancestors, whose descent, from the time of the Conquest, may be seen in Burn and Nicholson's History of Cumberland. - Gamel de Pennington was resident at Muncaster at the Conquest: from him, through many generations, descended sir John Pennginton, who was steadily attached to Henry VI. and gave that unfortunate Prince a secret reception at Muncaster, when in his flight from his enemies. In return, the King gave him a curiously wrought glass cup, with this blessing to the family, 'that they should ever prosper, and never want a male heir, so long as they should preserve it unbroke;' which the superstition of those times imagined to carry good fortune, and called it the Luck of Muncaster: and of this glass the family are still possessed. This sir John de Pennington commanded the left wing of the English army in an expedition into Scotland, when the earl of Northumberland led the main body. His grandson, sir John de Penngington, had a command at the battle of Flodden Field, where James IV. was taken; and his descendant, sir John Pennington, was admiral to Charles I. The baronetage was conferred, in 1676, by Charles II. on sir William Pennington, of Muncaster, great grandfather of John the first Baron Muncaster.

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