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Gentleman's Magazine 1817 part 2 p.104


Cathedral School, Carlisle



(Continued from Part I. p.418.)


Crosby-square August 16.
OF all the English Cathedrals the Church of Carlisle seems to have presented the most barren field for Antiquarian research; and the more recent history of the Choristers is so unsatisfactory, that I enter upon the subject with considerable reluctance. We are informed that a community of Christians, including a School, was settled at Carlisle before the close of the seventh century; and this Foundation was elevated to a Bishopric by Henry I. As to the School, the immediate object of this enquiry, we can only trace its existence from being incidentally mentioned in the Valuation of Pope Nicholas; whence we learn that the Church of Dalston was charged with an annual payment for its support.
This Cathedral,during the middle ages, was a Priory of Augustine Canons; and at the Dissolution was re-endowed by Henry VIII. for a Dean, Archdeacon, four Prebendaries, and eight Minor Canons, with Lay Clerks, Choristers, and Schoolmasters; agreeing in all essential points with other ecclesiastical establishments by the same founder.
The Royal Grammar School, if it be still in existence, is not of sufficient importance to be noticed in the local Histories of the City and Cathedral; and it is, doubtless, from the same cause that the Musick School has likewise escaped observation; and little information can be collected beyond the following general outline:
The Choristers, six in number, are chosen by the Dean and Chapter. They have occasional lessons in singing from the organist; but whether they receive any other instructions, literary, moral, or religious, and in what manner they usually settle in life, I have vainly endeavoured to learn. Perhaps some of your Correspondents residing in Caralisle may favour our Readers with a communication on the subject.
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