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Schools, Westmorland

Rosegill, Oct. 2.
BY the Parliamentary Enquiry in 1819, respecting the Education of the lower classes in England, it was found that Westmoreland was the best educated County in the kingdom. The following is a brief account of Schools with endowment in this County; some of them are in high repute for classical acquirements, and have produced many eminent characters both in Church and State.
APPLEBY, founded by Queen Elizabeth, in 1574, and endowed by her with 5l. 10s. 8d. a year, payable out of the rents accruing to the Crown within the County of Westmoreland. Numerous benefactors have since contributed to increase its revenues. The amount of the Master's salary is now estimated at about 3000l. a year. This School has valuable exhibitions to Queen's College, Oxford.
AMBLESIDE, in the parish of Windermere, founded in 1723, by John Kelswick of Ambleside, and endowed by him with an estate at Ambleside.
ASHBY, built by George Smith, Citizen of London, a native of this parish, in 1688, and endowed by him with 20s. a year. Dr. Thomas Smith, his cousin, and Bishop of Carlisle, and a native of this parish, left 100l. for the benefit of this School.
BAMPTON, founded in 1623, by Thomas Sutton, D.D. a native of this parish, and Rector od St. Saviour's, Southwark, and endowed by him with 500l. which was expended in the purchase of tithes of corn and hay in the parish of Bampton. Iin 1724 the Rev. Wm. Stephenson, a native of this parish, and Rector of Laxton, in the county of Nottingham, bequeathed the sum of 150l. equally between the Church and School at Bampton, which was laid out in the purchase of lands at Bomby in this parish. In 1816 John Noble, esq. of London, a native of this parish, gave 500l. in the 3 per cents. the interest of which to be paid to the Master for the time being.
BARTON, founded in 1649, by Dr. Gerard Langbaine, and Dr. Lancelot Dawes, and who, with the assistance of Dr. Adam Airey, Dr. Wm. Lancaster, and a contribution among the parishioners, endowed it liberally. The money with which this School was endowed is now invested in a dwelling house and field at Barton, an estate at Slowgill in the county of York, and another at Firbank in Westmoreland.
BOLTON, in the parish of Morland, founded in 1721, and endowed with 190l. given and bequeathed by various individuals at different times.
BROUGH, founded in 1506, by John Brunskill, and at the time of the dissolution of Monasteries (1535), 7l. 11s. 4d. was directed to be paid to the School-master by the King's Auditors, out of the rents and revenues which formerly belonged to it as a Chapel, which had been endowed by the above founder, and other benefactors.
BURTON, founded about the year 1657, and endowed by John Hutton with the residue of the rents and profits of an estate at Hindon, in the parish of Cockfield, in the county of Durham, after paying thereout 40s. a year to the poor in the parish of Cockfield. A subscription amounting to about 117l. was also raised for increasing the endowment of this School.
CROSBY RAVENSWORTH, founded about the year 1630, by the Rev. Wm. Willan, Vicar of this parish, who gave 100l. to it, which was afterwards laid out on land. In 1784 the School was rebuilt at the expence of Wm. Dent, esq. of London, a native of this parish, who, with his brother Robert, and Anne Viscountess of Andover, contributed to increase its revenues by the gift of 500l. which was invested in South Sea Annuities.
DUFTON, founded by Christopher Walker, in 1670, and endowed by him with the interest of 40l. and by Michael Todd, with 4l. a year, payable out of lands at Knowle Green, in the parish of Staines, Middlesex.
GREENHOLME, in the parish of Orton, founded in 1733, by George Gibson, esq. and endowed by him with 400l. original Bank Stock.
HEVERSHAM, founded in 1613, by Edward Wilson, esq. of Heversham Hall, and endowed by him with the yearly rent charge of 21l. 3s. 10d. issuing out of certain burgage messuages and tenements in Kendal, and a rent charge of 3l. a year, issuing out of a field in Strickland Ketel called Dawson's Close. In 1773 the sum of 230l. was raised by subscription by the Rev. Henry Wilson, Vicar of this parish, for the better endowment of this School, which was laid out in the pur-
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