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Wastdale, Eskdale, and Borrowdale, possess much to interest the inquisitive observer, from his first sight of them, about nine miles from Kendal, and from thence all the way to Ambleside.
The mountains of Wyburn, Grasmere, Rydal, Ambleside, Troutbeck, and Kentmer are fine objects, as observed from the Ferry House and the Station, and on the road from those places by High Wray to Ambleside.
But the best general view of the mountains is from the lake, about a mile from its head, and half way between side and side.
The Low Wood Inn is not two miles from Ambleside; and the field from which this view is taken is that adjoining the Troutbeck road - the Low Wood Inn appearing between the eye and the water. The Langdale Pikes are objects from this station; Bow Fell is on their left, and between it and the Pikes are other summits rising from Langdale, Borrowdale, and Wastdale: the Brathay and Clappersgate houses are observable immediately beyond the head of the lake.



This view of Windermere is from a field half way between Lower Skelgill and Little Lowther, each of which places is about two miles from Ambleside; to the former by High Skelgill, and to the latter by the Low Wood Inn; Little Lowther adjoins the road from Low Wood to Troutbeck.
Bowness, Curwen Island, the Station, and Belle Grange are all seen from this place: the distant mountain is Gummershow, which is near the foot of the lake.
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