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meadows, and passing Scale Force on the left, to a little lake called Fluttering Tarn, which must likewise be kept on the left. This road, though of considerable ascent, is not over the highest part of the mountain. After having gained the Tarn, the traveller will, from the north-east, presently see Ennerdale Water, which is by many thought to be an interesting lake. From the Inn at Scale Hill the carriage-road lies on the eastern side of Low's Water through Lampleugh; but the horse and foot-road is between Crummock Water and Low's Water; afterwards skirt Melbreak, which keep on the left for some time; then on the right turn up the side of the hill to Fluttering Tarn, before spoken of.
The best views of this lake are about one mile east of the foot; this is enclosed ground, and the grouped and single trees are picturesque, and associate well in composition with the distances; the present view is taken out of these grounds. Bonus Knott, a mountain mass of rugged rock, is the side screen on the left; but this is contrasted by the western boundary, which, excepting at Angling Stone, is rather smooth and uniform in its height all the way to the head of the lake. Amongst the distant mountains are the Pillar and the Steeple.



Wast Water is seen to the greatest advantage by travelling first to the foot, and then up the eastern side to the head.
The head of the lake, in a straight line, is about fourteen miles north-west of Ambleside; but its approach from Ambleside to Keswick is either difficult or circuitous.
The best pedestrian road from Ambleside to the foot of Wast Water is over Hardknott and Wrynose, and through the vale of Esk, by Santon Bridge to Nether Wasdale, which is about 22 miles; or leaving Eskdale earlier, cross Matterdale, the Screes end, and Latterbarrow, at half a mile from the foot of the lake, either by the public-house, or to the nearest part of the road leading to the lake: by this route the distance from Ambleside is about 20 miles.
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