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Page 25:-
  station, Hornby Road
Before you leave Lancaster, take a ride to the three mile-stone on the road to Hornby, and there have Mr. Gray's noble view of the vale of Lonsdale, which he or his editor, describes in these words, in the note page 373 of his life:- 'This scene opens just three miles from Lancaster, on what is called the Queen's road. To see this view in perfection you must go into a field on the left [1]. Here, Ingleborough, behind a variety of lesser mountains, makes the background of the prospect; on each hand of the middle distance rise two sloping hills, the left clothed with thick wood, the right with variegated rock
[1] As several mistakes have been made respecting this station, it is necessary to point it out more precisely. About a quarter of a mile beyond the third milestone, where the road makes a turn to the right, there is a gate on the left, which leads into a field, where the station meant will be found.
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