Lakes Guides

Rose 1832-35


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volume 1

vol.1 no.7, Colwith Force, Westmorland
vol.1 no.8, Dungeon Gill
vol.1 no.18, Upper Reach, Ulleswater
vol.1 no.21, Bowness and Windermere Lake, Westmorland
vol.1 no.22, Kendal, from the Castle
vol.1 no.25, Blea Tarn, Westmorland
vol.1 no.26, Windermere Lake from Low Wood Inn
vol.1 no.31, Lower Fall at Rydal, Westmorland
vol.1 no.32, Stock-Gill Force, Westmorland
vol.1 no.33, Underlay Hall, Westmorland
vol.1 no.34, South View of Lowther Castle
vol.1 no.47, Mill on Stock-Gill, near Ambleside
vol.1 no.48, Upper Fall at Rydal, Westmorland
vol.1 no.55, Mardale Head, Westmorland
vol.1 no.56, Grasmere Lake and Village
vol.1 no.58, Levins Hall, Westmorland
vol.1 no.61, Valley of Troutbeck, Westmorland
vol.1 no.62, Stickle Tarn, Langdale Pikes, from Pavey Arc, Westmorland
vol.1 no.69, Lowther Castle and Park, Westmorland
vol.1 no.70, Hawes Water, from Thwaite Force, Westmorland

volume 2

vol.2 fpce, Windermere Lake, looking down
vol.2 no.1, Elterwater, Great Langdale, Westmorland
vol.2 no.2, Thrang Crag Slate Quarry, Great Langdale, Westmorland
vol.2 no.3, Ennerdale Water from How Hall, Cumberland
vol.2 no.4, Watendlath and the Stream of Lowdore
vol.2 no.5, Grasmere from Butler Crags, Westmorland
vol.2 no.6, Kirkby Lonsdale Bridge, Westmorland
vol.2 no.6, Kirkby Lonsdale Bridge, Westmorland
vol.2 no.7, Naworth Castle, Cumberland
vol.2 no.8, Derwentwater and the Village of Grange, from the Entrance to Borrowdale
vol.2 no.9, Bridge House, Ambleside, Westmorland
vol.2 no.10, Approach to Ambleside, Westmorland
vol.2 no.11, Dallam Tower, near Milnthorp
vol.2 no.12, Brough Castle, Westmorland
vol.2 no.12, Brough Castle, Westmorland
vol.2 no.13, Loweswater, from Water End, Cumberland
vol.2 no.14, Honister Crag, Cumberland
vol.2 no.19, Highcup-Gill, Appleby in the Distance
vol.2 no.20, Brougham Castle, Westmorland
vol.2 no.21, Highcup Gill, Appleby in the Distance
vol.2 no.25, Netherby, Cumberland
vol.2 no.26, Courtyard, Naworth Castle, Cumberland
vol.2 no.29, Second Reach of Ulleswater
vol.2 no.30, Rydal Water, near Ivy Cottage, Westmorland
vol.2 no.33, Brother's Water from Kirkstone Foot, Westmorland
vol.2 no.34, Patterdale Bridge, Westmorland
vol.2 no.39, Ferry House, Regatta, Windermere Lake
vol.2 no.40, Storrs Hall, Windermere Lake, Westmorland
vol.2 no.41, Thirlmere Bridge, Looking North, Cumberland
vol.2 no.42, Thirlmere and Helvellyn, from Raven Crag
vol.2 no.47, Birker Force, Cumberland
vol.2 no.48, Barrow Fall, near Derwentwater
vol.2 no.49, Gilsland Spa, Cumberland
vol.2 no.51, Eamont Bridge, from the Westmorland Side
vol.2 no.52, Patterdale, going towards Ambleside, Westmorland
vol.2 no.57, Thirlwall Castle, Cumberland
vol.2 no.58, Wastdale Head, Scawfell Pikes, Cumberland
vol.2 no.63, Kentmere Head, and Slate Quarries, Westmorland
vol.2 no.64, Kendal, from Green Bank
vol.2 no.65, Waterfall, near Sty Head, Cumberland
vol.2 no.66, Interior of Carlisle Cathedral, Cumberland
vol.2 no.67, Mardale Green, Westmorland
vol.2 no.68, Small Water Tarn, from Nanbield, Looking into Mardale
vol.2 no.71, Sty Head Tarn, Cumberland
vol.2 no.72, Eskdale Mill, Wilton Beck, Cumberland
vol.2, Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham, and Northumberland, Illustrated

volume 3

vol.3 no.13, Grasmere from Loughrigg Fell
vol.3 no.14, Rydal Hall from Fox How, Westmorland
vol.3 no.17, Milnthorpe Sands, Westmorland
vol.3 no.18, Interior of Sizergh Hall, Westmorland
vol.3 no.21, Bowness from Belle Isle, Windermere
vol.3 no.30, Mill Beck, Great Langdale
vol.3 no.31, Stybarrow Crag, Westmorland
vol.3 no.42, Rydal Water and Grasmere, from Rydal Park, Westmorland
vol.3 no.47, Long Sleddale Slate Quarry, Westmorland
vol.3 no.48, Bley Water Tarn from the Top of the High Street Mountain
vol.3 no.49, Windermere, Esthwaite Water and Ambleside from Rydal Park
vol.3 no.50, Ambleside, Westmorland
vol.3 no.53, Windermere, Esthwaite Water and Coniston Lakes
vol.3 no.54, Hayswater from the Top of High-Street Mountain
vol.3 no.55, Grisedale, near Ulleswater
vol.3 no.62, Clare Moss, from Little Langdale Head
vol.3 no.63, Burnshead Hall, Westmorland
vol.3 no.64, View from Langdale Pikes, looking South East, Westmorland
vol.3 no.65, View from Langdale Pikes, looking towards Bowfell, Westmorland
vol.3 no.68, Skelwith Bridge, Westmorland
vol.3 no.69, Scout Scar, Near Kendal, Westmorland