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Bowen and Kitchin 1760
(Area of roughly corresponding to Bowen and Kitchin 1760 NY42 plus overlaps, North at the top; the original map is printed with North at the top)

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places may or may not be labelled on the map

button -- Arthur's Round Table -- "K. Arthurs Round Table."
button -- Askham -- "Askham"
button -- Brougham Castle Bridge
button -- Brougham Castle -- "Brom Castle"
button -- Brougham -- "Brougham als Broom"
button -- Clifton Hall -- "[Clifton] Hall"
button -- Clifton -- "Clifton"
button -- Dalemain -- "Dalemain"
button -- Eamont Bridge bridge -- "Emon Br in"
button -- Eamont Bridge
button -- Eamont, River -- "Eymot R."
button -- Hackthorpe -- "Blackthorn"
button -- Lowther Bridge
button -- Lowther Castle -- "Hall"
button -- Lowther -- "Lowther / R"
button -- Lowther, River
button -- Melkinthorpe -- "Milkinthorp"
button -- Penrith -- "Penrith Mar. Twes. / R"
button -- Appleby to Penrith
button -- Shap to Penrith -- "Kendal to Penrith 26"
button -- Sockbridge -- "Stockbridge"
button -- St Ninian's Church
button -- Stainton -- "Stainton"
button -- Tirril -- "Tirre[l]"
button -- Whinfell Forest -- "Wingfield Forest"
button -- Yanwath -- "Yanworth"

civil parishes

The area roughly includes parts of parishes:-

    Sockbridge and Tirril

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