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SummaryText:-   The new county, created by Local Government Reorganisation 1974, comprises the old counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire north of the Sands, and a small part of Yorkshire.
SummaryText:-   Measuring from the false origin of the NGR coordinate system: west to east is from 293 to 390Km = 97Km; south to north is from 461 to 589Km = 128Km.
SummaryText:-   In lat/long the county of Cumbria extends from
SummaryText:-   2d 9.5m W in Stainmore to 3d 38.3m W on St Bees Head
SummaryText:-   54d 2.6m N on Walney Island to 55d 11.3m N in Kershope Forest
SummaryText:-   The county borders on Dumfries and Galloway Region, and Borders Region, Scotland to the north; Northumberland, Durham, and North Yorkshire to the east; on Lancashire to the South; and the Irish Sea on the west.
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
source data:-   Census returns, published by HMSO, London, for 1971.

evidence:-   boundary map:- County Boundaries 2006
source data:-   image  click to enlarge
County Boundary Map, created by Jean Norgate 2006  

BRI52.jpg  Coat of arms; displayed at fire brigade HQ, Cockermouth.
(taken 2.9.2009)  
BPY50.jpg  3D Map jigsaw 54cmx72cm; made by Martin Norgate (Norgate 2009)
(taken 26.1.2009)  

twinned with:-    Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis, Germany

old county:-    Westmorland

old county:-    Cumberland

old county:-    Lancashire

old county:-    West Yorkshire

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