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Dean parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0725
10Km square:-   NY02
10Km square:-   NY12
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 788 (1971)

NY08582568 Acrewall Loaning, Dean 
NY07632541 Back Loaning, Dean 
NY09512818 Bank House, Eaglesfield 
NY0926 Beehive Inn, Deanscales 
NY09392777 Bent Houses, Dean 
NY0924 Black Beck (12) 
NY09522816 Black Cock Inn, Eaglesfield 
NY08482397 Blackbeck Bridge, Dean 
NY09882576 Bouch Quarry, Dean 
NY09962351 boundary stone, Blindbothel/Dean 
NY06722173 boundary stone, Dean/Lamplugh 
NY09422664 Bracken House, Deanscales 
NY06082288 Branthwaite Edge Quarry, Dean 
NY06522534 Branthwaite Hall, Dean L
NY05042518 Branthwaite Outgang, Dean 
NY05212382 Branthwaite Rigg, Dean 
NY04922417 Branthwaite Row Farm, Dean 
NY05932514 Branthwaite Station, Branthwaite gone
NY05852490 Branthwaite, Dean 
NY09412650 Bridge End, Deanscales 
NY05952493 bridge, Branthwaite (2) 
NY09392651 bridge, Deanscales 
NY07412392 bridge, Ullock 
NY05852598 Broomy Hill, Dean 
NY05922492 Brow Bottom, Branthwaite 
NY08172476 Brownrigg Brow, Dean 
NY06162498 Browtop, Branthwaite L
NY05912644 Calva Hall, Dean 
NY06082661 Calva Hill, Dean 
NY09492812 chapel, Eaglesfield once
NY0626 Corneyflat Beck 
NY07092623 Corneyflat Bridge, Dean 
NY09652723 Crag Hills, Dean 
NY07012402 Crakeplace Hall, Dean L
NY09632812 Croft Foot Farm, Eaglesfield L
NY07752417 Croft House, Ullock L
NY09612486 Croft, Pardshaw 
NY06072449 Crookelty Spout 
NY09182683 Crooklands Loaning, Dean 
NY09392825 Dalton Cottage, Eaglesfield 
NY09452833 Dalton Farm, Eaglesfield L
NY09372827 Dalton House, Eaglesfield L
NY05832465 Dark Loaning, Dean 
NY07362522 Dean 
NY07202551 Dean CofE School, Dean 
NY09112586 Dean Common, Dean 
NY05922246 Dean Cross, Dean 
NY07302524 Dean Mains, Dean L
NY04582278 Dean Moor, Dean 
NY06772678 Dean Outgang Gate, Dean 
NY09342658 Deanscales, Dean 
NY09402651 Deanscales: Phil Bradley 
NY08952681 Dirtyriggs Loaning, Dean 
NY0929 Dubbs Gutter 
NY10302901 Dubbs Moss, Dean 
NY09772881 Dubs, Dean 
NY09942740 Eaglesfield Crag, Dean 
NY10802847 Eaglesfield Moor, Dean 
NY10872788 Eaglesfield Paddle CoE Primary Academy, Dean 
NY09672815 Eaglesfield Village Hall, Eaglesfield 
NY09482817 Eaglesfield, Dean 
NY09622649 East House, Dean 
NY07982465 Eller Gill, Dean 
NY0724 Ellergill Beck (4) 
NY08032455 Ellergill Loaning, Dean 
NY09712486 Epworth, Pardshaw 
NY05902396 Far Branthwaite Edge, Dean L
NY07202552 Far Crofthouse, Dean 
NY0726 Far Stock Beck 
NY06952634 Featherbed Loaning, Dean 
NY06202507 Fell View, Branthwaite 
NY08092607 Fifkettle Brow, Dean 
NY07432521 fingerpost, Dean 
NY09562813 fingerpost, Eaglesfield 
NY09372474 fingerpost, Pardshaw 
NY07702398 fingerpost, Ullock 
NY06452620 footbridge, Dean 
NY07762404 ford, Ullock 
NY08052378 Foulknott Hill, Dean 
NY07242625 Frith Wood, Dean 
NY07712654 Galefield, Dean 
NY05422619 Gatebarrow, Dean 
NY07872585 Gateshadling Plantation, Dean 
NY0621 Gill Beck (6) 
NY06662294 Glenmore, Dean 
NY09292653 Graysondale Farm, Deanscales 
NY06812671 Greencastle Brow, Dean 
NY07342547 High Croft, Dean 
NY05602485 High House, Branthwaite 
NY07392522 High Mains, Dean 
NY05982488 High Mill, Branthwaite 
NY09572587 Highfield House, Dean 
NY06162500 Hill Crest, Branthwaite L
NY07392515 Hill House, Dean 
NY09482809 Hill Top, Eaglesfield 
NY07452402 Hillcrest, Ullock L
NY07562403 Hilltop, Ullock 
NY06702581 Hollins Wood, Dean 
NY0928 Hollins, Dean 
NY09782814 Hollins, Eaglesfield 
NY09342644 Home Farm, Deanscales L
NY06392565 Horse Crook, Dean 
NY06192467 Horseshoe Wood, Dean 
NY08902905 Hotchberry Brow, Dean 
NY08662955 Hotchberry Road, Brigham 
NY07342525 house, Dean 
NY08072755 Hoveys, Dean 
NY07412521 hydrant plate, Dean 
NY06072329 Jackie Planting, Dean 
NY10372537 Jacob's Well, Pardshaw Hall 
NY06362163 Kidburngill Bridge, Dean 
NY10942574 Kirby Brow, Dean 
NY10642568 Kirby, Pardshaw 
NY07132538 Kirkstile Community Hall, Dean 
NY06592168 Lamplugh Station, Dean gone
NY09402535 Leegate, Dean 
NY08132799 Lizerays, Dean 
NY05072377 Longcross Intack, Dean 
NY0424 Lostrigg Beck 
NY05902505 Low Mill, Branthwaite 
NY04412542 Lucy Close Farm, Dean 
NY07342523 Manor House, Dean L
NY0624 Marron, River 
NY09032448 Middle Loaning, Dean 
NY07432386 mill, Ullock 
NY09922274 Mockerkin How, Dean 
NY07322324 Moorhouse, Dean 
NY10832861 Moorland Close, Dean L
NY07802547 Moss Loaning, Dean 
NY05652412 Near Branthwaite Edge, Dean 
NY0625 Near Stock Beck 
NY09432477 Nook, Pardshaw 
NY09682619 Old Posting House, Dean 
NY07342528 Orchard House, Dean L
NY09412796 Orchard House, Eaglesfield L
NY08462774 Outfield, Dean 
NY09572487 Outgang, Pardshaw 
NY05892647 packhorse bridge, Calva Hall L
NY07642393 packhorse bridge, Ullock 
NY1128 Paddle Beck 
NY11322817 Paddle House, Dean gone
NY06112550 paper mill, Dean 
NY09242413 Pardshaw Bridge, Dean 
NY10272566 Pardshaw Crag, Pardshaw Hall 
NY10332544 Pardshaw Hall, Dean 
NY09502507 Pardshaw Outgang, Dean 
NY09522483 Pardshaw, Dean 
NY07342514 Park Hill, Dean 
NY06122496 Peggy Well, Branthwaite 
NY09462577 Peppercoats Brow, Dean 
NY084240 pillbox, Dean 
NY09412635 pinfold, Deanscales gone
NY09512821 pinfold, Eaglesfield 
NY04302470 Potatopot Hall, Dean gone
NY06392284 Quarry Wood, Dean 
NY09382898 Quarryfield Plantation, Dean 
NY04802418 railway bridge, Branthwaite 
NY05982495 railway bridge, Branthwaite (2) 
NY05962536 railway bridge, Branthwaite (3) 
NY06562415 railway bridge, Dean 
NY05812440 railway bridge, Dean (2) 
NY06062431 railway bridge, Dean (3) 
NY06212420 railway bridge, Dean (4) 
NY07012429 railway bridge, Dean (5) gone
NY05722652 railway bridge, Dean (6) 
NY07452393 railway bridge, Ullock 
NY07432396 railway bridge, Ullock (2) 
NY06622175 railway bridge, Wright Green 
NY06162400 Raise, Dean L
NY07052531 Rectory, Dean L
NY05192341 Rigg House, Dean 
NY06142499 Roche House, Branthwaite L
NY09472477 Rose Cottage, Pardshaw L
NY07302525 Rose Farm, Dean L
NY07532520 Royal Yew, Dean 
NY05542488 Scenery Hill, Branthwaite 
NY07102540 school, Dean gone
NY09712306 school, Mockerkin 
NY07912516 Shawbank Brow, Dean 
NY06642515 sheep feeder, Dean 
NY10262813 sheepfold, Eaglesfield 
NY10022510 sheepfold, Pardshaw 
NY1129 Simonscales Beck 
NY11472923 Simonscales Bridge, Cockermouth 
NY08822632 Singing Well, Dean 
NY07702396 Smithy Bridge, Ullock 
NY06252554 Smithybanks Wood, Dean 
NY0822 Snary Beck 
NY13092835 Southwaite Bridge, Dean 
NY12742823 Southwaite Green, Dean 
NY13002834 Southwaite Mill, Dean 
NY12992826 Southwaite, Dean 
NY09432798 Springfield Farm, Eaglesfield L
NY10682806 St Philip, Eaglesfield 
NY05892490 Star Inn, Branthwaite gone
NY07782405 stepping stones, Ullock once
NY04002234 Studfold Gate stone circle, Dean 
NY04062212 Studfold Gate, Dean 
NY10872866 summer house, Dean L
NY10032813 summer house, Eaglesfield 
NY08742885 Tendley Hill Quarry, Dean 
NY08592854 Tendley Hill, Dean 
NY09032875 Tendley Limekilns, Dean 
NY0422 Thief Gill 
NY09062510 Thistleray Loaning, Dean 
NY08112861 Thorna Gate, Greysouthen 
NY08152840 Thornas, Dean 
NY06632305 tile works, Dean gone
NY10642530 Toot Well, Pardshaw 
NY0623 Totter Gill (2) 
NY07162426 Ullock Junction, Dean 
NY07742412 Ullock Mains, Dean 
NY07492382 Ullock Station, Ullock 
NY07652394 Ullock Village Hall, Ullock 
NY07692397 Ullock, Dean 
NY05842495 Wadsworth Farm, Branthwaite L
NY07102539 war memorial, Dean 
NY10682804 war memorial, Eaglesfield 
NY11412880 Waterloo Plantation, Dean 
NY11852872 Waterloo, Dean 
NY07592516 Well Head Farm, Dean 
NY09472814 well, Eaglesfield perhaps
NY09382826 West House, Eaglesfield L
NY09462805 Westcroft, Eaglesfield 
NY10492641 White Causeway, Dean 
NY06122502 White Gables, Branthwaite 
NY07092273 Whitekeld, Dean L
NY05692494 Wild Duck, Branthwaite 
NY07052568 Woodhall Brow, Dean 
NY07872618 Woodside, Dean 
NY06522172 Wright Green, Dean 
NY06722294 Wyndham Cottage, Dean 
NY03302387 Wythemoor Cottage, Dean gone
NY0325 Wythemoor Sough 
NY07082536 St Oswald, Dean L
NY04892409 Brookfield, Dean 
NY04812498 Lostrigg High Bridge, Dean 
NY05912474 Branthwaite Nook, Branthwaite 
NY09322804 meeting house, Eaglesfield L
NY10372548 meeting house, Pardshaw Hall L
NY1426 Cocker, River 
NY07712411 barn, Ullock (2) L
NY07712415 Lake Fell View, Ullock L
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