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Millom parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD1779
10Km square:-   SD18
10Km square:-   SD17
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   old map:- Donald 1774 (Cmd) 
placename:-  Millam
source data:-   Map, hand coloured engraving, 3x2 sheets, The County of Cumberland, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, by Thomas Donald, engraved and published by Joseph Hodskinson, 29 Arundel Street, Strand, London, 1774.
item:-  Carlisle Library : Map 2
Images © Carlisle Library

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 7101 (1971)

SD16827988 accommodation crossing, Millom 
SD16458099 Beck, Millom 
SD18817997 Borwick Rails Harbour, Millom 
SD18647972 Borwick Rails, Millom 
SD15377790 Bullstone Bed, Duddon Estuary 
SD27 Caledonian, West Cumberland and Furness Railway 
SD17148025 Cambridge House Hotel, Millom 
SD161783 coast, Haverigg 
SD17828055 Delph Bridge, Millom 
SD18777979 Duddon Villa, Millom 
SD15977837 Escape to Light, Haverigg 
SD16647989 fingerpost, Millom 
SD1782 Furnace Beck 
SD178810 Gallow Bank, Millom 
SD175811 Gallows Field, Millom 
SD17808110 Gallows Stone, Millom 
SD17437995 hall, Millom 
SD17447980 hall, Millom (2) 
SD16067868 Harbour Hotel, Haverigg 
SD15767827 Haverigg Bank, Duddon Estuary 
SD15937841 Haverigg Inshore Rescue, Haverigg 
SD143778 Haverigg Point, Millom 
SD16057869 Haverigg, Millom 
SD16007867 Haverigg: Haverigg Newsagents 
SD18007833 Hodbarrow Lighthouse, Hodbarrow 
SD17987829 Hodbarrow Limekilns, Hodbarrow 
SD17097889 Hodbarrow Mine Office, Millom L
SD17258007 Hodbarrow Miner, Millom 
SD18267806 Hodbarrow Point, Hodbarrow 
SD183781 Hodbarrow Quarries, Hodbarrow 
SD18377825 Hodbarrow, Millom 
SD16828034 Holborn Hill, Millom 
SD17127876 Little Hoddy Railway, Millom 
SD19108075 Low Ford, Millom 
SD17578044 Marsh Bridge, Millom 
SD17148024 Masonic Hall, Millom 
SD17397793 Metal Lighthouse, Hodbarrow 
SD17148021 Millom 
SD102790 Millom Airfield, Millom gone
SD17488008 Millom Baptist Church, Millom 
SD17128133 Millom Castle, Millom L
SD176803 Millom Fire Station, Millom 
SD17218019 Millom Folk Museum, Millom 
SD18847992 Millom Ironworks Pier, Millom 
SD17308027 Millom Junction, Millom 
SD17308001 Millom Library, Millom 
SD17198027 Millom Police Station, Millom 
SD17338047 Millom School, Millom 
SD17218019 Millom Station, Millom 
SD17058023 Millom Youth Centre, Millom 
SD17288006 Millom: Furness Building Society 
SD17458005 Millom: McMeekin's 
SD17238006 Millom: Nat West Bank 
SD17498004 Millom: Patton's 
SD16577941 Moor End, Millom 
SD17397947 New Hall, Millom 
SD17337996 New Town, Millom once
SD1777 Outer Barrier, Hodbarrow 
SD164796 Oxenbows, Millom 
SD16187862 Pepper Hall, Millom 
SD1780 Pilot Inn, Millom 
SD16968032 Plough Inn, Millom 
SD15807874 post box, Haverigg 
SD17268002 Post Office, Millom 
SD16817986 railings, Millom 
SD17158015 railway bridge, Millom 
SD16677980 railway bridge, Millom (2) 
SD17358033 railway footbridge, Millom 
SD17248022 railway milepost, Millom 
SD18267913 Red Hills, Millom 
SD17717897 Redhill Limekilns, Millom 
SD17897919 Redhills Quarry, Millom 
SD17967982 Rottington, Millom gone
SD1780 Salthouse Pool 
SD175808 Salthouse, Millom 
SD16367898 school, Millom 
SD17098140 school, Millom (2) 
SD17138016 signal box, Millom 
SD17157998 St George, Millom L
SD15777867 St Luke, Haverigg 
SD17278034 Station Hotel, Millom 
SD169788 Steel Green, Millom 
SD153783 Stoup Dub, Millom 
SD17137998 toilet, Millom 
SD17278008 town hall, Millom 
SD1825378187 trig point, SD1825378187 
SD17128002 Vicarage, Millom L
SD15777949 Waingate Bridge, Millom 
SD17168020 war memorial, Millom L
SD17178000 war memorial, Millom (2) L
SD1879 Well Hill, Millom 
SD17738194 Whins, Millom gone
SD16387928 Whitriggs Close, Haverigg 
SD18267820 windmill, Hodbarrow 
SD15217754 Wortbrig Scar, Duddon Estuary 
SD17278135 bridge, Millom 
SD16657877 Millom Ironworks, Millom 
SD17428075 Salthouse Bridge, Millom 
SD1779 Hodbarrow Mine, Hodbarrow 
SD17108130 Holy Trinity, Millom L
SD16908024 drill hall, Millom 
SD15697994 Haverigg Crossing, Millom 
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