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Moresby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NX9920
10Km square:-   NX92
10Km square:-   NY02
10Km square:-   NX91
10Km square:-   NY01
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1118 (1971)

NX99702097 Blearbank, Moresby gone
NX99932007 Bonny Farm, Moresby 
NX97962000 Briscoe Bank, Moresby 
NX99942024 Canada Farm, Moresby 
 Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 
NX99492107 Commongate, Moresby 
NX98821983 Croft Hill, Moresby 
NX98781970 Crown Inn, Moresby 
NX99442019 Farmlands, Moresby 
NY02621921 fingerpost, Moreseby 
NX99122087 Ghyll Brow, Moresby 
NX99592036 Gillhead, Moresby 
NX99622103 Goosegreen, Moresby 
NX99482085 Greengate, Moresby 
NX99842016 High Gillhead, Moresby 
NY00092088 High, Moresby 
NX99222134 Howgate, Moresby 
NX98792009 Huntinghow Farm, Moresby 
NX98612002 Huntinghow, Moresby 
NY0019 Keekle, River 
NX99052002 Kingston House, Moresby 
NX98232015 Lamb Hill, Moresby 
NX98242033 Lambhill Colliery, Moresby 
NX98442024 Lambhill Gill, Moresby 
NX99492083 Low Moresby, Moresby 
NX9721 Lowca Beck 
NX98791980 Lythmore, Moresby 
NX99852159 Middlegill Farm, Moresby 
NX99362006 milestone, Moresby (2) 
NY00691865 milestone, Moresby (3) 
NX99322080 Millgrove, Moresby 
NX99002000 Moorgate, Moresby 
NX99052127 Moresby 
NX99042123 Moresby House, Moresby 
NY00031882 Moresby Junction Halt, Moresby 
NY01062021 Moresby Moss, Moresby 
NX99731926 Moresby Parks Mission, Moresby Parks 
NY0018 Moresby Parks Sidings, Moresby 
NX99661958 Moresby Parks Station, Moresby Parks 
NX99761931 Moresby Parks, Moresby 
NX99592077 Moresby Pit, Moresby gone
NX98782084 Moresby Wood, Moresby 
NX99171972 pinfold, Moresby 
NX99781945 police station, Moresby Parks 
NX98781976 Quality Corner, Moresby 
NX99082019 Rosehill Theatre, Moresby L
NX99092029 Rosehill, Moresby L
NX99532101 Roseneath, Moresby 
NX99601996 Rothmire, Moresby 
NY01141913 Sands Close, Moresby 
NX99531965 school, Moresby Parks 
NY01461986 Sowterstone, Moresby 
NY02851908 Steel Brow, Moresby 
NX98871963 Summer Hill, Moresby 
NX99192004 Tivoli House, Moresby 
NX99532072 Towlow, Moresby gone?
NX98932128 Ulgill, Moresby 
NY00821867 Walk Mill, Moresby gone?
NY00801865 Walkmill Bridge, Moresby 
NY00252106 Watch Hill, Moresby 
NY00681923 Walkmill Mine, Moresby suggestedgone
NX99552168 milestone, Moresby 
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