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viewpoint, Hest Bank
locality:-   Hest Bank
county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   viewpoint
locality type:-   outline view
coordinates:-   SD46816659
1Km square:-   SD4666
10Km square:-   SD46

BSX54.jpg  View W of N, the route of the sands road across Lancaster Sands to Kents Bank.
(taken 1.7.2010)  

BSX56.jpg  The view, in mist, as so often!
(taken 1.7.2010)  
BSX57.jpg  detail of the outline view, simple and helpful; Dow Crag, Old Man of Coniston, Hampsfell, Langdale Pikes, Grange-over-Sands.
(taken 1.7.2010)  

Outline view and interpretative panel set up by Slyne with Hest Parish Council.
No mention that this was a traditional start of one of the famous sands roads, across Lancaster Sands to Kents Bank near Grange over Sands.

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