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 Holy Trinity and St Constantine, Wetheral
Holy Trinity and St Constantine, Wetheral: memorials
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CEW53.jpg  Memorial to Lady Maria Howard, died in childbirth, 1789; 'Faith' sculpted by Joseph Nollekens
(taken 17.4.2016)  
CEW54.jpg  Memorial to Lady Maria Howard, died in childbirth, 1789; 'Faith' sculpted by Joseph Nollekens
(taken 17.4.2016)  
Joseph Nollekens, b.1737 d.1823, sculptor, made busts of many of the important people of his time, made many monuments, and was famous for his 'Venuses'.The meorial to Lady Howard is said to be his greatest work. When he heard where the monument was to be placed he cried becaue he feared so few people would see it. Joseph Nollekens is buried at St Mary's Church, Paddinggton Green, London; on the side of a bas relief memorial in the sanctuary of the church is a picture of him working on this statue.
William Wordsworth saw the monument, and wrote a sonnet:-
"Stretched on the dying Mother's lap, lies dead
Her new-born Babe: dire ending of a bright hope!
But Sculpture here, with the divinest scope
Of luminous faith, heavenward hath raised that head
So patiently; and through one hand has spread
A touch so tender for the insensate Child -
(Earth's lingering love to parting reconciled,
Brief parting, for the spirit is all but fled) -
That we, who contemplate the turns of life
Through this still medium, are consoled and cheered;
Feel with the Mother, think the severed Wife
Is less to be lamented than revered;
And own that Art, triumphant over strife
And pain, hath powers to Eternity endeared."
Henry Howard of Corby Castle, married Maria, daughter of Andrew, Lord Archer of Umbersdale, 22 November 1788. Maria, aged 22, died in childbirth with her baby daughter, a year later.
"This tribute of sorrow is paid to the memory of her who approached near to perfection by the afflicted husband and sisters."

CEW55.jpg  Effigies of Sir Richard Salkeld of Corby, died 1500; and his wife Jane Vaux.
(taken 17.4.2016)  
At his head is an escutcheon fretty, and he wears a collar of roses.
There was an inscription on the arch over the tomb:-
"Here lies Sir Richard Salkeld, that Knight,
Who in his land was mickle might;
The Captain and Keeper of Carlisle was he,
And also the Lord of Cozkebye,
And now he lies under this stane
He and his Lady Dame Jane.
The eighteenth day of Februere
This gentle Knight was buried here.
I pray you all that this do see
Pray for their souls for charitie,
For as they are now - So might we all be"

CEW48.jpg  Memorial, Joseph Irwin, died 1890, and wife Emily Dillon, died 1874.
(taken 17.4.2016)  
CEW49.jpg  Coat of arms, Irwin implaing Dillon.
(taken 17.4.2016)  

CGN08.jpg  Tomb of Colonel Howard, d.1642.
(taken 8.9.2017)  

CGN09.jpg  Tomb of Joseph Dixon, d.1844.
(taken 8.9.2017)  
CGN10.jpg  Tomb of Joseph Dixon, d.1844.
(taken 8.9.2017)  

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