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 road, Bowes to Brough
road, Bowes to Brough: Act of Parliament
evidence:-   Act of Parliament:- Turnpike Acts
source data:-   Turnpike Acts, relevant to Westmorland, Cumberland, etc, passed at various dates in the 18th-19th centuries.
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16 Geo II c.3, 1743  "An Act for repairing the Road from Bowes, in the County of York to Brough under Stainmore, in the County of Westmorland."

from Bowes, Durham; to Brough, Westmorland.
Authorized by act 16 Geo II, 1741-42; 9 Geo III, 1769; 31 Geo III, 1790; 53 Geo III, 1812.

Curwen, John F: 1932: Later Records Relating to North Westmorland or the Barony of Appleby: Wilson, Titus and Son: vol.8

NB: I have not made a systematic search for turnpike acts.

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