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Cumberland: Gents Mag 1816
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source data:-   Magazine, The Gentleman's Magazine or Monthly Intelligencer or Historical Chronicle, published by Edward Cave under the pseudonym Sylvanus Urban, and by other publishers, London, monthly from 1731 to 1922.
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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.599 
From the Compendium of County History:-  "CUMBERLAND."
"Boundaries. North, Scotland. East, Northumberland and Durham. South Westmorland and Lancashire. West, Irish Sea."
"Greatest length 72; greatest breadth 38; cicumference 224; square 1516 miles."
"Province York. Diocese Carlisle, excepting the Ward of Allerdale above Derwent in Chester, and the Parish of Alston Moor in Durham. Circuit Northern."
"British Inhabitants Brigantes."
"Roman Province. Valentia. - Stations Amboglana, Burdoswald: Petriana, Castlesteads: Aballaba, Watch-cross: Congavata, Stanwix: Axelodunum, Burgh on the Sands: Gabrocentum, Drumburgh: and Tunnocelum, near Boulness: on the Wall. Derventio, Papcastle: Virosium, Ellenborough: Olenacum, Old Carlisle: Voreda, Old Penrith: Arbeia, Moresby or Irby: Bremetenracum, Whitbarrow or Brampton: Apiatorium, Bewcastle: Castra exploratorum, Netherby on the Esk: Luguballium, Carlisle,"
"Saxon Heptarchy. Northumbria."
"Antiquities. The Roman Wall. "Long Meg and her Daughters," Druidical circle, 350 feet diameter. "Giant's Grave," Pillars in Penrith Churchyard. Bewcastle Obelisk. Carlisle Cathedral. Kirklinton, Aspatria, Torpenhow, and St. Bees Churches. Fortified Towers of Newton-Arlosh, Burgh on the Sands, and Great Salkeld Churches. Holme-Coultram and Calder Abbeys. Lanercost and Wetheral Priories. Seton Nunnery, Irton Cross. Bridekirk Font. Bewcastle, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Dacre, Egremont, High Head, Kirk Oswald, Naworth, Penrith, Rose, and Scaleby Castles,"
"Carlisle was the only Episcopal Chapter in England of the order of St. Austin; the others were all of St. Benedict."
"Rivers. Bleng, Calder, Caldew, Cocker, Croglin, DERWENT, Duddon, Eamont, EDEN, Ellen, two Esks, Gelt, Greeta, Irt, Irthing, Kershope, Kingwater, Line, Liddel, Lowther, Mite, Nent, Petterell, Sark, Tees, Tyne, Wampool, Waver."
"Inland Navigation. Derwent and Eden Rivers. Whitehaven Brook."
"Lakes. Bassenthwaite, Crumock, DERWENT, Devock, Ennerdale, Lowes, Over, ULLS, and Wast Waters. Butter and Thirl Meres. Barnmoor, Bray, Martin, Sellafield, Talkin, Tindale, and Wadling Tarns. Anthorn Lough. The Stark."
"Eminences and Views. Scafell, 3166; Helvellyn, 3055; Skiddaw, 3022; Bowfell, 2911; Cross fell, 2901; Pillar, 2893; Saddleback, 2787; Grasmere Fell, 2756; High Pike, 2101; Black Comb, 1919; Dent Hill, 1115 feet above the level of the Sea. Hardknow, Wrynose, Penrith, Beacon, Christenbury Craggs, Carrock, Scaw, and Souter fells."
"Natural Curiosities. Gilsland and Melmerby Medicinal Waters. Airey Force in Gowbarrow Park, Scale Force, Lowdore and the Howk Cascades. The Bowder Stone, 31 yards long and 8 high. Borrowdale Pass."
"Warnel Hall, Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Lieutenant of the County.
Armathwaite Castle, Robert Saunderson Milbourne, esq.
Carlton Hall, Rt. Hon. Thos. Wallace.
Clea Hall, Sir Henry Fletcher, bart.
Corby Castle, Henry Howard, esq.
Crofton Place, Sir Wastell Brisco, bt.
Dalehead, Thos. Stranger Leathes, esq.
Dalemain, Edward Hassell, esq.
Derwent Water, Lord Wm. Gordon.
Greystock Castle, Duke of Norfolk.
Hayton Castle, Rev. Isaac Robinson.
Hutton Hall, Sir Frederick Fletcher Vane.
Kirklinton Hall, William Dacre, esq.
Mire House, John Spedding, esq.
Muncaster Castle, Lord Muncaster.
Netherby, Sir James Graham, bart.
Nunnery, Mrs Elizabeth Bamber Ponsonby."
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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.600  "Ponsonby Hall, Geo. Edw. Stanley, esq.
Rose Castle, Bishop of Carlisle.
Walton House, Wm. Ponsonby Johnson, esq.
Weary Hll, Mr. Geo. Drury, a quaker.
Wood Hall, J. Saunderson Fisher, esq.
Workington Hall, John Christian Curwen, esq."
"Members to Parliament. For the County, 2; Carlisle, 2; Cockermouth 2; total 6."
"Produce. Wadd or Black Lead, Lead, Coal, Iron, Limestone, Gypsum, Slate, Freestone. Oats, Potatoes, Cranberries, Butter. Herrings, Cod, Salmon."
"Manufactures. Cotton, Coarse Cloths, Coarse Linen, Sail Cloths, Ship-building, Glass Bottle."
"Wards, 5; Parishes, 104; Market-towns, 19; Houses, 24,552."
"Inhabitants. Males, 63,433; Females, 70,311: total 133,744."
"Familes employed in Agriculture, 10,868; in Trade, 11,448; in neither, 6,074: total, 28, 390."
"Baptisms. Males, 1,965; Females, 2,001. - Marriages, 1,040. - Burials, Males, 1,199; Females, 1,260."
"Towns having not less than 1000 Inhabitants; viz."
Historical and Biographical notes are to be found under relevant places.  "..."
"1001, Cumberland laid waste by Ethelred, because Malcolm its Prince assisted the Danes."
"1053, Cumberland ganted by Edward the Confessor to Siward Earl of Northumberland, who afterward defeated Macbeth, and placed Malcolm, Prince of Cumberland, son of Duncan, on the throne of Scotland."
Houses. Inhab.
Carlisle 1,709 12,531
Whitehaven 1,974 10,106
Workington 1,068 5,807
Alston Moor 466 5,079
Penrith 938 4,328
Maryport 323 3,134
Wigton 642 2,977
Cockermouth 628 2,964
Brampton 266 2,043
Keswick 352 1,683
Longtown 173 1,579
Egremont 335 1,556
Total Towns, 12 Houses, 8,874 Inhabitants, 53,787.
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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.601  "..."
Miscellaneous remarks are to be found under relevant places.  "BYRO."

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