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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   SD37


SD37907876 Bluebell House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37847885 Brook House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37897872 Cartmel Methodist Church (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37827879 Cartmel Priory Gatehouse (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37797877 Cartmel Village Shop (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37927873 Cartmel Cheeses and Bakehouse (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37847883 Cavendish Street (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37847884 Cartmel: Cavendish Street, 21 (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37827877 Gatehouse Bookshop (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37827875 Martins Bank (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37807885 Cartmel: Park View, 5 (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37897875 Rogan and Co (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37847881 Simon Starkie Antiques (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37927878 Priory Shoppe, Ye (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37847882 Cavendish Arms (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37837880 Cavendish Cottage (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37877887 Chestnut Cottage (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37897877 Church Bridge (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37837878 Church Town House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37937855 Cornbrook (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37867887 Tower View (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37927881 Corner House, The (Lower Allithwaite) L out of sight
SD37977875 cross, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37917876 Devonshire House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37847881 drain, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37937878 drain, Cartmel (3) (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37877897 Fairfield (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37857874 Ford House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37837879 Gatehouse Cottage (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD379783 Headless Cross (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37847875 house, Cartmel (2) (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37847886 house, Cartmel (3) (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37877876 Kings Arms (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37797881 lockup, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37817879 Market Cross Cottage (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37817877 market cross, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37837875 Old Bank House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37807876 Old Barn Cottage (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37847882 Old Eating House (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37877887 Old Smithy, The (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37797878 Park Beck Cottage (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37787879 Park House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37787881 Parkside House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37857868 Penny Bridge (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37947881 Priory Close Cottage (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37927879 Priory Close House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37817876 Priory Guesthouse (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37857878 Priory Hotel (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37967883 Priory House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37817877 pump, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37857875 Royal Oak (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37817877 seat, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite)
SD372784 Seven Acres (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37917887 summer house, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37807877 telephone box, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37807884 Thimble Hill (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37837880 Tower House (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37917872 Unsworth's Yard Brewery (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37927875 Village Institute, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37957878 war memorial, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37807879 Wharton House (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37917888 Wheelhouse Bridge (Lower Allithwaite)
SD37967879 Cartmel Priory (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37997836 milestone, Cartmel (2) (Lower Allithwaite) L
SD37977865 milestone, Cartmel (Lower Allithwaite) L
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