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Aldingham parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2770
10Km square:-   SD27
10Km square:-   SD37
10Km square:-   SD26
10Km square:-   SD36
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1023 (1971)

SD28317103 Aldingham 
SD28247105 Aldingham Hall, Aldingham L
SD27817003 Aldingham Hall, Aldingham (2) gone
SD27786983 Aldingham Motte, Aldingham 
SD26917245 Aldingham Parish Hall, Scales L
SD28687109 Aldingham Scar, Aldingham 
SD26286501 Barren Point Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD28797234 Baycliff House, Baycliff L
SD28727230 Baycliff, Aldingham 
SD264710 Beacon Hill, Aldingham 
SD29157225 Bean Well Bank, Aldingham 
SD29397199 Bean Well Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD29027199 Bean Well, Aldingham 
SD26957239 bee boles, Scales 
SD28507447 Birkrigg Common, Aldingham 
SD24937028 Boggart Bridge, Aldingham 
SD27827211 Bonfire Scar Cave, Scales 
SD29157120 Church Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD28227079 coast, Aldingham 
SD27107261 cock pit, Scales L
SD27127262 cock pit, Scales (2) L
SD27207285 cock pit, Scales (3) 
SD273701 Colt Park, Aldingham 
SD26126816 Comfort Cottage, Aldingham 
SD28767233 Crabtree Farm, Baycliff 
SD24396929 Croft House, Leece 
SD26967240 Dale Garth, Scales 
SD24687074 Dendron Farm, Dendron 
SD246707 Dendron, Aldingham 
SD27527240 Dobson's Cave, Scales gone
SD23346954 Dove Cottage, Aldingham 
SD28817233 drain, Baycliff 
SD26866490 East Side Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD285714 Edge Bank, Aldingham 
SD28257037 Elbow Scar, Aldingham 
SD28647236 Farmers Arms, Baycliff 
SD250688 Four Lane Ends, Aldingham 
SD2672 Gleaston Beck 
SD26127139 Gleaston Castle Farm, Gleaston 
SD26117143 Gleaston Castle, Aldingham L
SD25507081 Gleaston House, Gleaston 
SD26027088 Gleaston Mill, Aldingham L
SD265703 Gleaston Park, Aldingham 
SD255707 Gleaston, Aldingham 
SD25617078 Gleaston: Duke Street, 5 L
SD25507079 Gleaston: Post Office Row, 3 and 4 
SD26036844 Goadsbarrow, Aldingham L
SD27577229 gorse bushes, Scales 
SD28557207 Hillcrest, Aldingham 
SD28667239 Honeysuckle Cottage, Baycliff 
SD26877246 house, Scales 
SD30457145 Idridge Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD3666 Lancaster Sound, Lower Holker 
SD24386938 Leece Tarn, Leece 
SD24406948 Leece, Aldingham 
SD26776869 Leonard Scar, Aldingham 
SD28107186 limekiln, Aldingham L
SD28117270 limekiln, Aldingham (2) L
SD28797271 limekiln, Aldingham (3) 
SD28827315 limekiln, Aldingham (4) 
SD27107184 limekiln, Aldingham (5) 
SD26157122 limekiln, Gleaston L
SD27617224 limekiln, Scales L
SD26887264 limekiln, Scales (2) 
SD28827233 Low Farm, Baycliff L
SD28817376 Low Sunbrick Farm, Aldingham L
SD26847244 Low Town Farm, Scales 
SD290717 Maskel Point, Aldingham 
SD29097168 Maskel Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD267718 Mere Tarn, Aldingham 
SD27806967 Moat Scar, Aldingham 
SD278700 Moss Farm, Aldingham 
SD242688 Moss House, Aldingham 
SD26936908 Newbiggin Scar, Aldingham 
SD268693 Newbiggin, Aldingham 
SD27157229 Old Farm House, Scales 
SD233695 Old Holbeck, Aldingham 
SD28397105 Old Rectory, Aldingham L
SD27497227 pinfold, Scales 
SD26266792 Point of Comfort Scar, Aldingham 
SD26096809 Point of Comfort, Aldingham 
SD28307106 post box, Aldingham 
SD24687072 post box, Dendron 
SD28617392 quaker burial ground, Sunbrick L
SD24416952 Raising House, Leece 
SD26536871 Roosebeck House, Aldingham 
SD26506690 Roosebeck Sands, Morecambe Bay 
SD25766802 Roosebeck, Aldingham 
SD275715 Scales Park, Aldingham 
SD27117229 Scales, Aldingham 
SD237699 Scarbarrow Hill, Aldingham 
SD27077230 School House, Scales 
SD270695 Sea Mill, Aldingham 
SD29877306 Sea Wood Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD293734 Sea Wood, Aldingham 
SD290730 Seawood Farm, Aldingham 
SD27086943 Seed Hall, Aldingham 
SD27067266 shed, Scales L out of sight
SD2964 South Channel 
SD261714 spring, Gleaston 
SD24697067 St Matthew, Dendron L
SD25757082 St Michael's Well, Gleaston 
SD287738 Sunbrick, Aldingham 
SD24436927 Tarn Foot Cottages, Leece 
SD24316933 Tarnside Farm, Leece L
SD3172 Ulverston Channel 
SD24717065 village hall, Dendron L
SD24687002 war memorial, Aldingham 
SD24446940 West View Cottage, Leece 
SD25006713 White Hall, Aldingham 
SD277716 Wind Hill, Aldingham 
SD28347104 St Cuthbert, Aldingham L
SD2971 inscribed rock, Baycliff 
SD286723 windmill, Baycliff 
SD285645 Mort Bank, Morecambe Bay 
SD252610 Mort Flat, Morecambe Bay 
SD37406840 Morecambe Bay 
SD28287103 seat, Aldingham 
SD26 Fordebottle-in-Furness, Aldingham gone
SD2060 Tower Scales, Aldingham 
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