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Allonby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0843
10Km square:-   NY14
10Km square:-   NY04
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 423 (1971)

NY08134300 Allonby 
NY06854250 Allonby Bay, Solway Firth 
NY0842 Allonby Beck 
NY08154315 Allonby Hall, Allonby 
NY08254329 Allonby Primary School, Allonby 
NY08124315 Allonby Reading Room, Allonby 
NY08114272 Allonby: Brewery Street 
NY08094289 Allonby: Codfather 
NY08114284 Allonby: Pig in the Bath 
NY08144306 Allonby: Square 
NY08134307 Baths, Allonby L
NY08064263 Baywatch Hotel, Allonby 
NY08564301 Beach Cottage, Allonby 
NY0944 Black Dub 
NY08134326 Bouch House, Allonby 
NY09104281 Bowscale, Allonby 
NY08134273 Brewery House, Allonby 
NY08154290 Bridge House Farm, Allonby L
NY08124289 bridge, Allonby 
NY09964374 Brownrigg Hall, Allonby 
NY09784358 Brownriggs, Allonby 
NY079434 coast, Allonby 
NY08224296 Croft House, Allonby 
NY08154309 Croglin House, Allonby 
NY0942 Crookhurst Beck 
NY08744251 Crookhurst, Allonby L
NY0844 Cross Beck 
NY07984454 Crossbeck Bridge, Allonby 
NY08164288 Cruck Cottage, Allonby 
NY08564230 Cuddy Cross, Allonby 
NY08154317 Dickinson Cottage, Allonby 
NY08244318 Dickinson Place, Allonby 
NY08164308 Dowthwaite House, Allonby 
NY08104288 drain, Allonby 
NY07844498 Dub Mill, Allonby 
NY07804501 Dubmill, Allonby 
NY08134289 fingerpost, Allonby 
NY08154285 Glen Cottage, Allonby 
NY08194288 Globe Inn Cottage, Allonby L
NY08494346 Griggsfield, Allonby 
NY10224415 Howriggs, Allonby 
NY08074209 kiln, Allonby 
NY08944285 Marina House, Allonby 
NY0841 Mealo Beck 
NY08044251 milestone, Allonby L
NY09334287 milestone, Allonby (2) 
NY08134327 Moss House, Allonby L
NY08314334 Moss Side, Allonby 
NY08134359 North Lodge, Allonby L
NY08164331 Old Chapel, Allonby 
NY08064228 Parsonage, Allonby gone
NY08144354 police station, Allonby 
NY08154333 post box, Allonby 
NY08144362 quaker burial ground, Allonby 
NY08144288 Riverside, Allonby 
NY08164307 Rozenhof House, Allonby L
NY08024232 school, Allonby (2) 
NY08134294 Ship Hotel, Allonby L
NY08134296 Solway View, Allonby L
NY07994197 Staith Bridge, Allonby 
NY08004199 Staith House, Allonby 
NY08044259 toll gate, Allonby gone
 Tyne Solway Canal proposed
NY08064262 village shop, Allonby 
NY08094261 West End Farm, Allonby 
NY08074249 West Winds, Allonby 
NY08074246 Westways, Allonby 
NY08134305 Woodlands, Allonby L
NY08164337 meeting house, Allonby L
NY08034231 Christ Church, Allonby L
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