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placename:- Bampton parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- NY4917
10Km square:- NY42, NY52
10Km square:- NY41, NY51
parish code:- BMPT
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4917

source:- Census 1971

population:- 337 -- 1971

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

part; and a little of Shap Rural
Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
Bampton Pattricke

placename:- Bampton Pattricke
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Bampton
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

Bampton Bridge, Bampton
Bampton Common, Bampton
Bampton Endowed School, Bampton
Bampton Grammar School, Bampton Grange
Bampton Grange, Bampton
Bampton Hall, Bampton
Bampton Memorial Hall, Bampton
Bampton Village Store, Bampton
barn, Bampton
barn, Bampton (2)
barn, Bampton (3)
Bason Crag, Bampton
Beck Hall, Bampton
Beckfoot Bridge, Bampton
Beckfoot, Bampton
beehives, Bampton
Benty Howe, Bampton
Birker Gill
Birks Crag, Bampton
Black Bridge, Bampton
Blennerhasset, Bampton
Bomby, Bampton
boundary stone, Askham/Bampton/etc
boundary stone, Bampton/Martindale
Bowderthwaite Bridge, Riggindale
brewery, Bampton
Bridge End, Bampton Grange
Burnbanks, Bampton
Butterwick Bridge, Butterwick
Butterwick Crag rocks, Bampton
Butterwick Crag, Bampton
Butterwick, Bampton
cairn, Bampton
Carhullan, Bampton
Castle Crag, Bampton
causeway, Bampton
Cawdale Beck
Cawdale Edge, Bampton
Cawdale, Bampton
Church Bridge, Bampton Grange
Cross Gate, Bampton
cross, Bampton
Crown and Mitre, Bampton Grange
Dalefoot, Bampton
Dalehead, Bampton
Dalton House, Bampton Grange
Dawes House, Bampton
Dennyhill, Bampton
Eastward, Bampton
Field Gate, Bampton
Flake How, Mardale
Flakehowe Crags, Bampton
footbridge, Bampton
footbridge, Bampton (2)
footbridge, Bampton (3)
Forces, Bampton
ford, Bampton
Fordingdale Bottom, Bampton
Fordingdale Force, Bampton
Four Stones Hill, Bampton
gate, Bampton
gate, Bampton (2)
Giant's Graves, Bampton
Gill Beck (2)
Gill Head, Butterwick
Grange Farm, Bampton
Grange House, Bampton
Guerness Gill Mine, Bampton
Halfa Bridge, Bampton
Hart Hill, Bampton
Hause, Bampton
Hawes Water
Haweswater Beck
Haweswater Hotel, Shap Rural
Haweswater Mine, Bampton
Heltondale Beck
High Drybarrows, Bampton
High House, Bampton
High Howe, Bampton
High Hullockhowe, Bampton
High Knipe, Knipe
High Kop, Bampton
High Raise, Martindale
High Rough Hill, Bampton
High Street roman road
house, Bampton
house, Bampton Grange
house, Low Knipe
Howes Beck
Howes, Bampton
Howgate Foot, Bampton
Hungerhill, Bampton
Keldhead, Bampton
Kid Moor, Bampton
Kidsty Howes, Bampton
Kidsty Pike, Martindale
Knipe Hall, Knipe
Knipe Moor, Knipe
Knipe Scar stone circle, Knipe
Knipe Scar, Knipe
Knipe, Bampton
Knotts, Bampton
Lad Crags, Bampton
Lawthwaite, Bampton
Laythwaite Crags, Bampton
limekiln, Bampton
limekiln, Scarside
Littlewater Tarn, Bampton
Littlewater, Bampton
Loadpot Hill, Barton
Long Grain, Bampton
Longgrain Beck
Low Crag, Bampton
Low Drybarrows, Bampton
Low Howe, Bampton
Low Hullockhowe, Bampton
Low Knipe, Knipe
Low Kop, Bampton
Low Raise, Bampton
Low Rough Hill, Bampton
Low Scarside, Bampton
Lowther House, Bampton
Mardale Inn, Bampton
Measand Beck
Measand End, Bampton
Measand, Bampton
mill, Bampton
mill, Bampton (2)
Millcrags, Bampton
Moor End, Low Knipe
Moorahill Farm, Bampton
Naddle Bridge, Bampton
Naddle Gate, Bampton
Naddle View, Bampton Grange
Park Bridge, Burnbanks
Pen, Bampton
post box, Bampton
Randale Beck
Raven Howe, Bampton
Riggindale Beck
Riggindale house, Bampton
Riggindale, Bampton
ring of bells, Bampton
road, Bampton to Askham
road, Mardale to Bampton
road, Shap to Bampton
Rough Hill Tarn, Bampton
Rough Hill, Bampton
Rowanpark Well, Bampton
Sandford Stake, Martindale
Sandhill, Bampton
Scale, Bampton
Scar View Cottage, Bampton
Scar View Farm, Bampton
Scarside, Bampton
Sceugh, Bampton
school, Measandbecks
school, Rough Hill
Scrogs, Bampton
seat, Bampton
sheepfold, Bampton
sheepfold, Knipe
Skews, Bampton
St Patrick, Bampton
Stanegarth, Bampton
station, Measand Beck
Steel, Bampton
stepping stones, Bampton
stepping stones, Bampton (2)
sundial, Bampton
Tail o' Ling, Bampton
telephone box, Knipe
Thornthwaite Force, Bampton
Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton
Thwaite, Bampton
Tom Winder's Loom, Bampton
Town End Farm, Bampton Grange
Towtop Kirk, Bampton
track, Pooley Bridge to Bampton
trig point, NY4568318122
trig point, NY5263419146
Vaugh Steel, Bampton
Vivarage, Bampton
Walm How, Bampton
Walmgate Foot, Bampton
Walmgate Head, Bampton
Walmgate, Bampton
Wesleyan Chapel, Bampton
Wether Hill, Martindale
Whelter Beck
Whelter Crags, Bampton
Whelter, Bampton
White Bog, Bampton
Willdale Beck
Woodfoot, Bampton
Yew Tree House, Bampton

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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