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Bothel and Threapland parish
Bothel and Threapland
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1738
10Km square:-   NY14
10Km square:-   NY13
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 284 (1971)

NY18033868 advertisement, Bothel 
NY19603764 beacon, Bothel and Threapland 
NY18243832 Billy Bridge, Bothel 
NY1935 Black Beck (22) 
NY18163887 Bothel 
NY1838 Bothel Beck 
NY18823714 Bothel Craggs, Bothel and Threapland 
NY18243919 Bothel Hall, Bothel L
NY18103910 Bothel Village Hall, Bothel 
NY18013870 Brisco House, Bothel L
NY18113874 Broad Well, Bothel 
NY18063875 Bryn Awel, Bothel 
NY19643714 Caer Mote, Bothel and Threapland 
NY19823676 Camp Hill, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth 
NY18433920 Carling Stone, Bothel 
NY16273889 Carr Wood, Bothel and Threapland gone
NY18173896 chapel, Bothel 
NY18223884 chapel, Bothel (2) gone?
NY18083684 Cottage Wood, Bothel and Threapland gone
NY18633805 Croftlands, Bothel and Threapland 
NY18053710 Dobby Plantation, Bothel and Threapland 
NY180368 Dobby Quarry, Bothel and Threapland 
NY1939 Eller Beck 
NY15583931 Farewell Grange, Threapland L
NY18183920 fingerpost, Bothel 
NY18113908 fingerpost, Bothel (2) 
NY15683933 fingerpost, Threapland 
NY18143892 Gate House, Bothel 
NY1640 Gill Gooden 
NY18303945 Gillands Quarry, Bothel 
NY16514041 Gillgooden, Bothel and Threapland 
NY18143892 High Barn House, Bothel 
NY17973869 High House, Bothel L
NY18303899 house, Bothel 
NY18233891 house, Bothel (2) 
NY18353925 Limekiln Bridge, Bothel 
NY17343913 limekiln, Bothel 
NY16983706 limekiln, Bothel (2) 
NY17113778 limekiln, Bothel (3) 
NY17623797 limekiln, Bothel (4) 
NY18023676 limekiln, Bothel (5) 
NY17313874 limekiln, Bothel (6) 
NY17743856 limekiln, Bothel (7) 
NY18323928 limekiln, Bothel (8) 
NY16653913 limekiln, Bothel and Threapland 
NY16963978 Lowfield, Bothel and Threapland 
NY19223671 Lowmoor, Bothel and Threapland 
NY17203799 milestone, Bothel and Threapland 
NY182388 moat, Bothel possibly
NY18373898 Old School, Bothel 
NY18573980 Overgates, Bothel and Threapland L
NY18063862 pinfold, Bothel gone
NY15703930 pinfold, Threapland perhaps
NY18173885 post box, Bothel 
NY18163885 post office, Bothel 
NY17863923 Quarry House, Bothel 
NY16233931 sheep feeder, Bothel and Threapland 
NY18243830 sheepfold, Bothel 
NY1838 Silver Beck (2) 
NY17983873 Skiddaw View, Bothel L
NY19463756 St John's Hill, Bothel and Threapland 
NY15643927 Stonehaven, Threapland 
NY187398 Strickland Guard, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow 
NY18073692 Sunderland Cottage, Bothel and Threapland gone?
NY18033861 Swan House, Bothel L
NY15673933 Threapland 
NY1637 Threapland Gill 
NY15673927 Threapland Hall, Threapland L
NY16303806 Threapland Lees, Bothel and Threapland 
NY17303651 Threapland Moss house, Bothel and Threapland 
NY17173648 Threapland Moss, Bothel and Threapland 
NY16303720 Threaplandgill Bridge, Bothel and Threapland 
NY19673692 Torpenhow Common, Bothel and Threapland 
NY17313825 Wharrels Hill, Bothel and Threapland 
NY17093816 Wharrels Quarry, Bothel and Threapland 
NY1838 Jockey Stone, Bothel and Threapland 
NY18153902 milestone, Bothel and Threapland (2) L
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