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Broughton East parish
Broughton East
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD3980
10Km square:-   SD38
10Km square:-   SD48
10Km square:-   SD37
10Km square:-   SD47
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 194 (1971)

SD37777927 Aynsome Manor, Broughton East 
SD38427980 Aynsome, Broughton East 
SD3882 Ayside Pool 
SD37948033 barn, Green Bank 
SD39258049 barn, Hampsfield 
SD38537941 Borwick's Aynsome, Broughton East L
SD38588098 bridge, Field Broughton 
SD38218015 bridge, Green Bank 
SD37778071 Broughton Bank, Wood Broughton 
SD37928128 Broughton Grange, Wood Broughton 
SD38788134 Broughton Grove, Field Broughton 
SD37878097 Broughton Hall, Wood Broughton L
SD39088162 Broughton House Croft, Field Broughton L out of sight
SD39158081 Broughton Lodge, Broughton East L
SD40448050 Craglands, Hampsfield 
SD39438115 Egg Pudding Stone, Broughton East 
SD38828139 Field Broughton Parish Rooms, Field Broughton 
SD38818139 Field Broughton, Broughton East 
SD39048164 fingerpost, Field Broughton 
SD39048152 fingerpost, Field Broughton (2) 
SD399792 geological site, Hampsfield Fell 
SD37968033 Green Bank, Broughton East 
SD38078036 Greenbank Farm, Green Bank L
SD399793 Hampsfell, Broughton East 
SD40728027 Hampsfield Farm, Hampsfield 
SD39518048 Hampsfield Hall, Hampsfield L
SD40578038 Hampsfield, Broughton East 
SD40728052 Hampsfield, Hampsfield 
SD40418036 High Hampsfield Farm, Hampsfield L
SD38878124 house, Field Broughton 
SD40478039 house, Hampsfield 
SD39347983 limekiln, Broughton East 
SD38068027 limekiln, Green Bank 
SD40088069 limekiln, Hampsfield L
SD38968007 Longlands Farm, Broughton East 
SD38907954 Longlands, Broughton East L
SD38578096 Low Dog Kennel, Field Broughton 
SD38908010 milestone, Broughton East L
SD38477936 milestone, Broughton East (2) 
SD39078167 Old Farm House, Field Broughton 
SD38578158 pinfold, Field Broughton L
SD38417971 post box, Broughton East (2) 
SD388813 post box, Field Broughton 
SD40488041 post box, Hampsfield 
SD37838101 post box, Wood Broughton 
SD40488037 Ridding Fold, Hampsfield L out of sight
SD39858040 Robin Hood and Little John, Hampsfield 
SD38708177 St Peter, Field Broughton L
SD38818141 Stonelands, Field Broughton L
SD39178123 Stony Dale, Field Broughton L
SD37848184 Sturdy's, Broughton East 
SD39568044 tower, Hampsfield Hall 
SD3993179369 trig point, SD3993179369 
SD38708177 war memorial, St Peter 
SD39098167 water trough, Field Broughton 
SD38778146 Wellbank Farm, Field Broughton 
SD38848141 Whitrigg, Field Broughton 
SD37798129 Wood Broughton Farm, Wood Broughton 
SD37818105 Wood Broughton, Broughton East 
SD39208081 icehouse, Broughton Lodge gone
SD39937937 Hospice of Hampsfell, Broughton East L
SD38467940 guide stone, Broughton East 
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