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Broughton Moor parish
Broughton Moor
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0633
10Km square:-   NY03
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 920 (1971)

NY06233334 Bertha Pit, Broughton Moor gone
NY05373313 brickworks, Broughton Moor gone
NY06483306 Broughton Lodge, Broughton Moor 
NY05363345 Broughton Moor 
NY05323345 Broughton Moor Methodist Church, Broughton Moor 
NY05503352 Broughton Moor Primary School, Broughton Moor 
NY05873377 Broughton Moor, Broughton Moor 
NY05323267 Broughtonmoor Brick and Tile Works, Broughton Moor gone
NY05153402 Broughtonmoor Colliery, Broughton Moor gone
NY057334 Broughtonmoor Quarry, Broughton Moor 
NY0732 Carr Beck (2) 
NY05023333 chapel, Broughton Moor 
 Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 
NY05333350 Colliers Arms Inn, Broughton Moor 
NY0636 Dearham mines tramroad gone
 Derwent branch railway 
NY05073285 Extensive View, Broughton Moor gone
NY07973406 Folly Bridge, Broughton Moor 
NY06623343 Fox House, Broughton Moor 
NY06083455 Harker Marsh Farm, Broughton Moor 
NY06093459 Harker, Broughton Moor 
NY07273382 Hennah Hall, Broughton Moor 
NY07903360 Linefoot Junction, Broughton Moor 
NY07903392 Linefoot Station, Broughton Moor gone
NY07853414 Linefoot, Broughton Moor 
NY07253308 Low Close, Broughton Moor gone
NY07873418 milestone, Broughton Moor L
NY05623288 Mountain View, Broughton Moor 
NY05113337 police station, Broughton Moor 
NY07443457 quaker burial ground, Broughton Moor 
NY07963410 Railway Cottages, Broughton Moor 
NY04803322 Sea View, Broughton Moor 
NY06773396 Shepherd Hall, Broughton Moor 
NY05363339 St Columba, Broughton Moor L
NY05053329 Standingstone, Broughton Moor 
NY06243267 Stockmoor, Broughton Moor 
NY06853427 Stonepot, Broughton Moor 
NY05363339 war memorial, Broughton Moor 
NY05583353 Wyndham Row, Broughton Moor 
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