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Clifton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5426
10Km square:-   NY52
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Clifton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 394 (1971)

place:-   Clifton Constablewick

NY54332465 Abbot Lodge, Clifton 
NY53232694 Allendale, Clifton 
NY53812502 Bainbridge Gate, Clifton 
NY54332722 boundary stone, Brougham/Clifton L
NY53982537 Brackenber Hill, Clifton 
NY55852573 Brown Howe, Clifton L
NY5425 Butts Sike 
NY53422663 chapel, Clifton 
NY53412663 Clifton 
NY54052519 Clifton and Lowther Station, Clifton 
NY53472647 Clifton Cottage, Clifton 
NY54332721 Clifton Dykes Cottages, Clifton L
NY54662701 Clifton Dykes, Clifton 
NY53002707 Clifton Hall Bridge, Clifton 
NY53162708 Clifton Hall Farm, Clifton L
NY53072710 Clifton Hall, Clifton 
NY535263 Clifton Moor, Clifton 
NY53202707 Clifton Rectory, Clifton L
NY54182617 Clifton Station, Clifton 
NY52572591 Clifton Wells, Clifton 
NY534261 Courtgarth Well, Clifton 
NY53142594 Cromlech Stone, Clifton 
NY53702701 earthwork, Brougham 
NY53522668 Eden Valley Junction, Clifton 
 Eden Valley Railway 
NY541262 engine shed, Clifton 
NY53632633 George and Dragon, Clifton 
NY5426 Gill Brow, Clifton once?
NY5226 Hag, Clifton 
NY53612677 Haggy Lane, Clifton 
NY54202595 hedge, Clifton 
NY54232725 High Dykes Farm, Clifton L
NY52552704 Hughscrag Viaduct, Yanwath etc L
NY54962674 Low Dykes, Clifton L
NY52462820 Lowther Bridge, Yanwath etc 
NY54692268 M6, Hackthorpe 
NY55472590 Melkinthorpe Moor, Clifton 
NY53302679 milestone, Clifton 
NY53902532 milestone, Clifton (2) 
NY52562811 milestone, Clifton (3) 
NY53712611 milestone, Clifton (4) perhaps once
NY53022751 milestone, Clifton (5) perhaps once
NY54322542 Moor Lane, Clifton 
NY53632620 Moorfoot, Clifton 
NY53202704 motte, Clifton once
NY53792570 Mount Clifton, Clifton L
NY5524 Noonhowe Sike 
NY53212694 Old Police House, Clifton 
NY53402665 Park View, Clifton 
NY54972678 post box, Clifton Dykes 
NY54042542 railway bridge, Clifton 
NY54042563 railway bridge, Clifton (2) 
NY54102546 railway bridge, Clifton (3) 
NY54582593 railway bridge, Clifton (4) 
NY54712607 railway bridge, Clifton (5) 
NY53842637 railway bridge, Clifton (6) 
NY53102688 railway bridge, Clifton (7) 
NY53292680 railway bridge, Clifton (8) 
NY53482671 railway bridge, Clifton (9) 
NY52852696 railway bridge, Clifton (10) 
NY53682655 railway milepost, Clifton 
NY52762670 Railway Plantation, Clifton 
NY56222585 Sand Wath, Clifton 
NY5625 Sandwath Sike (2) 
NY53872682 Scalebarrs Hill, Clifton 
NY53442657 school, Clifton 
NY55022662 Tarn Hill, Clifton 
NY53502556 Tinkler's Lane Bridge, Clifton 
NY53352566 Tinkler's Lane, Clifton 
NY53432661 toll gate, Clifton 
NY53622623 Town End Farm, Clifton L
NY53622626 Town End, Clifton L
NY53972608 Townend Road Bridge, Clifton 
NY53782572 Varey Hill, Clifton suggestedgone?
NY53202696 village hall, Clifton 
NY54812441 Waterfalls Road, Lowther 
NY55782618 Wetheriggs Junction, Clifton 
NY555262 Wetheriggs Pottery Siding, Wetheriggs 
NY55472628 Wetheriggs Pottery, Wetheriggs L
NY55342653 Wetheriggs, Clifton 
NY54632602 Whinnyrigg, Clifton 
NY53312671 Whitrigg House, Clifton L
NY54722661 Wikes Lane, Clifton 
NY53592634 Clifton's Well, Clifton 
NY53242578 Kelter Well, Clifton 
NY53182704 St Cuthbert, Clifton L
NY5326 pinfold, Clifton gone
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY539259 battle site, Clifton Moor 
NY53742631 Rebel Tree, Clifton 
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