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Greysouthen parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0628
10Km square:-   NY03
10Km square:-   NY02
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 528 (1971)

NY05622691 Amy's Hole, Greysouthen 
NY07412732 Asby Moss, Greysouthen 
NY06802896 Brick Houses, Greysouthen gone
NY05722932 Bridgefoot Station, Bridgefoot gone
NY07212938 chapel, Greysouthen 
NY06962921 Chapels Hill, Greysouthen 
NY07242876 Cherrytree Hill, Greysouthen 
NY0627 Curl Beck 
NY07122794 Curlbeck Wood, Greysouthen 
NY06772678 Dean Outgang Gate, Dean 
NY05762931 fence, Bridgefoot 
NY05912854 Gilbert Gill, Little Clifton 
NY07142907 Greysouthen 
NY07232812 Greysouthen Moor, Greysouthen 
NY06152954 Hardy Gate, Greysouthen gone
NY0429 Harry Gill 
NY05972792 ironworks, Greysouthen suggested
NY06642798 Lamb Hill, Greysouthen 
NY05752993 Linefitts Colliery, Greysouthen 
NY06902903 lodge, Greysouthen 
NY07142915 Mansion, Greysouthen L
NY0624 Marron, River 
NY06432849 Matthew Gill, Greysouthen 
NY06252741 Mayfield Brow, Greysouthen 
NY06722726 Mayfield, Greysouthen L
NY06703004 Melgramfitz Pit, Greysouthen 
NY06262957 milestone, Greysouthen L not found
NY05832930 Millbanks Colliery, Bridgefoot 
NY05792927 Millbanks, Bridgefoot 
NY05992941 Nepgill, Greysouthen 
NY07342965 observatory, Tarn Bank L
NY05932769 Oldfield Bridge, Little Clifton 
NY05912755 Oldfield Mill, Greysouthen 
NY05872719 Oldfield, Greysouthen 
NY07302886 Overcroft, Greysouthen 
NY07412934 Overend Farm, Greysouthen 
NY07592948 Overend House, Greysouthen L
NY07402938 Overend, Greysouthen 
NY06972889 Ox Hill, Greysouthen 
NY065297 pillbox, Greysouthen 
NY07192934 pinfold, Greysouthen 
NY07122906 Punch Bowl, Greysouthen 
NY05792946 railway bridge, Bridgefoot (2) 
NY06102847 railway bridge, Greysouthen 
NY05932951 Reelfitz Forge, Greysouthen 
NY05852976 Reelfitz Pit, Greysouthen gone
NY07442889 Rigging Gill, Greysouthen 
NY06162954 saw mill, Bridgefoot gone
NY07432887 school, Greysouthen 
NY07422915 Stubb Hill, Greysouthen gone
NY07372969 Tarn Bank, Greysouthen L
NY08112861 Thorna Gate, Greysouthen 
NY0628 Townend Beck (2) 
NY07122878 Townend, Greysouthen 
 Cockermouth and Workington Railway 
NY07312948 meeting house, Greysouthen 
 Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway 
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