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Kirkby Stephen parish
Kirkby Stephen
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7506
10Km square:-   NY71
10Km square:-   NY70
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Kirkby Stephen
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Kirkby Stephen"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Kirby Stevin
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Kirby Stevin"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1539 (1971)

place:-   Kirkby Stephen Constablewick

NY77600853 Akrill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY7405 Ash Fell, Kirkby Stephen 
NY74420514 Ash Fell, Waitby 
NY75030625 Black Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77060885 Bloody Bones Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY74980578 Blue Quarry, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77840818 Bollam Bridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77700801 Bollam Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77730806 Bollam Turn Wheel, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75930593 boundary stone, Kirkby Stephen/Wharton 
NY76741142 boundary stone, Kirkby Stephen/Winton 
NY75660377 boundary stone, Ravenstonedale/Kirkby Stephen 
NY77610873 Brewery House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77290775 Brockram Quarry, Kirkby Stephen gone?
NY77400837 Brougham House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY76421010 Busk Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76340979 Busk Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY7610 Busk Sike 
NY76321012 Busk, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77500907 Carding Mill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75700830 castle, Waitby 
NY77530863 chapel, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77470853 chapel, Kirkby Stephen (2) 
NY77470859 chapel, Kirkby Stephen (3) 
NY77550880 Church House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY775086 Cloisters, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77950822 Collier Dub, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77290747 Coopkarnal Hole, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77520750 Corner Dub, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77180733 Crag Dub, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77480870 Croft House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY76850770 Croglam Castle, Croglam 
NY76940791 Croglam Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76860762 Croglam, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77040760 Croglin Castle Hotel, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75810847 Curley Pasture, Kirkby Stephen 
NY7508 Deep Gill (4) 
NY77580885 Eden Bank, Kirkby Stephen 
 Eden Valley Railway 
NY77370953 Edenbridge House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77000755 engine shed, Kirkby Stephen gone
NY76490952 Enterber, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76780866 Eskew Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77500885 fingerpost, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77480855 Fletcher House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77730801 footbridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75960884 Galebars, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77360916 gas works, Kirkby Stephen L gone
NY76050893 Gilbert Bridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75830877 Gilbert Gate, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76250906 Gilpert's Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77480858 Gorton House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76260782 Green Riggs, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76460776 Greenriggs, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77030945 Greensike Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76430916 guidestone, Kirkby Stephen L gone
NY76760805 Habers, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76920709 Halfpenny House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY754024 Heckgill Mire, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75120456 High Bield, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76550002 High Dolphinsty, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75690640 High Intake, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77290905 Hobsons Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77491036 Holmes, Kirkby Stephen 
NY74960409 Hound Toft, Ravenstonedale 
NY77450876 house, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77480870 house, Kirkby Stephen (2) L
NY77550850 house, Kirkby Stephen (3) L
NY77520872 house, Kirkby Stephen (4) L
NY76820974 How Gill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76760982 Howgill Bank, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77211013 Howgill Bridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77430836 hydrant plate, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76240882 Ingmire, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76680743 Intake Bottom Farm, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76470751 Intake Bottom, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76390729 Intake Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77370833 Jolly Farmers Guest House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76980738 Jubilee Park, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76500787 Keldy Banks, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77760893 Kirkby Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75920663 Kirkby Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY755019 Kirkby Stephen Common, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77710882 Kirkby Stephen Cricket Club, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77340885 Kirkby Stephen Fire Station, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77290972 Kirkby Stephen Flow Measurement Station, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76040758 Kirkby Stephen Intake, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76200811 Kirkby Stephen Junction, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77830864 Kirkby Stephen Mill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77380888 Kirkby Stephen Police Station, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77590839 Kirkby Stephen Primary School, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76960749 Kirkby Stephen Station, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77390831 Kirkby Stephen Youth Hostel, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77510864 Kirkby Stephen: Appleby Bakery 
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: B B Dairy 
NY77510866 Kirkby Stephen: Barclays Bank L
NY77490867 Kirkby Stephen: Brown 
NY77340888 Kirkby Stephen: Christian Head 
NY77480890 Kirkby Stephen: Coast to Coast 
NY77480857 Kirkby Stephen: Croft Street, 1 L
NY77470868 Kirkby Stephen: Eden Outdoors 
NY77430856 Kirkby Stephen: Faraday Road 
NY77500852 Kirkby Stephen: Fletcher Hill 
NY77530891 Kirkby Stephen: Green, 1 L
NY77400835 Kirkby Stephen: High Street 
NY77480842 Kirkby Stephen: High Street, 16 
NY77480847 Kirkby Stephen: High Street, 21 and 23 
NY77300820 Kirkby Stephen: High Street, 52 
NY77300828 Kirkby Stephen: High Street, 87 and 89 
NY77530848 Kirkby Stephen: In the Frame 
NY77460877 Kirkby Stephen: Little Treasures 
NY77480877 Kirkby Stephen: Littlefairs L gone
NY77500871 Kirkby Stephen: Market Square 
NY77510873 Kirkby Stephen: Market Square, 8 L
NY77510870 Kirkby Stephen: Market Square, 23 and 25 L
NY77470870 Kirkby Stephen: Market Square, 27 L
NY77460874 Kirkby Stephen: Market Square, 35 L
NY77470874 Kirkby Stephen: Market Square, 36 L
NY77500861 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street 
NY77480882 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 3 L
NY77490879 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 13 L
NY77480867 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 28 L
NY77470866 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 32 L
NY77480865 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 34 L
NY77480865 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 36 L
NY77480863 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 40 L
NY77580850 Kirkby Stephen: Melbecks, 4 L
NY77600857 Kirkby Stephen: Mellbecks 
NY77740867 Kirkby Stephen: Mill Lane 
NY77600836 Kirkby Stephen: Nateby Road 
NY77530851 Kirkby Stephen: Nateby Road, 2 and 3 L
NY77440904 Kirkby Stephen: North Road 
NY77450897 Kirkby Stephen: North Road, 3 
NY77490884 Kirkby Stephen: North Road, 39 L
NY77490884 Kirkby Stephen: North Road, 41 L
NY77490883 Kirkby Stephen: North Road, 43 L
NY77530848 Kirkby Stephen: Perdu Puzzles gone
NY775086 Kirkby Stephen: Shuttleworth, Mark 
NY77440885 Kirkby Stephen: Silver Street 
NY77580844 Kirkby Stephen: Sour Pow 
NY77610870 Kirkby Stephen: Stoneshot, 4 
NY77490890 Kirkby Stephen: Tinkler Hill 
NY75760617 Lane Head Quarry, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75820622 Lane Head, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75640593 Lantern Sike, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76670720 limekiln, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76600725 limekiln, Kirkby Stephen (2) 
NY78370544 limekiln, Kirkby Stephen (3) 
NY78620563 limekiln, Kirkby Stephen (4) 
NY76210061 lineside hut, Kirby Stephen 
NY7500 Long Gill (4) 
NY76720036 Low Dolphinsty, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77590899 Low Mill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77530905 Lowmill Bridge, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77630858 Manor House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77460890 Masonic Hall, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77410831 meeting house, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77570853 Melbecks House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77690815 Mell Wood, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76950914 Mellgates, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77090952 Middlegate Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76100673 Midland Cottages, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76170676 Midland Terrace, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75840449 milestone, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75820610 milestone, Kirkby Stephen (2) gone
NY76710723 milestone, Kirkby Stephen (3) 
NY77510872 Mitre House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY75940934 Moorlands, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77130913 mountain rescue, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77180796 New Terrace, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77370835 Old Court House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77530848 Old Post Office, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77630857 Orchard House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY7708 Pack Horse, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77170784 Park Terrace, Kirkby Stephen 
NY774075 Passage, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77480870 Pennine Hotel, Kirkby Stephen L
NY75240519 Petty Bield, Kirkby Stephen 
NY758083 pillbox, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76750935 pinfold, Kirkby Stephen gone
NY7708 Poet's Hall, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77460880 post box, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77240804 Primrose Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76140674 railway bridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76080682 railway bridge, Kirkby Stephen (2) 
NY77010749 railway bridge, Kirkby Stephen (4) L
NY77250744 railway bridge, Nateby (2) 
NY75810876 railway bridge, Waitby (4) 
NY75700860 railway bridge, Waitby (5) 
NY76740757 railway footbridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77380885 Redmayne House, Kirkby Stephen L
NY75480542 Redstone Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77010804 Rowgate, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77100971 Sandriggs, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76510914 Sandwath Bridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY7608 Sandwath Sike 
NY76300895 Sandwath, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76650938 Sandwathsike Bridge, Kirby Stephen 
NY77560880 school, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77470876 Shambles, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77630884 Skinner Dub, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77470873 Sleddall House, Kirkby Stephen L
 South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway 
NY77340747 Span Dub, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76960749 Stainmore Railway Heritage Centre, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77160791 Standards Villa, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76200677 Station Master's House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77290747 Stenkrith Bridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77400764 Stenkrith Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY772075 Stenkrith House, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77440749 Stenkrith Mill, Kirkby Stephen gone
NY77390748 Stenkrith, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76820895 Stobars Hall, Kirkby Stephen L
NY76730873 Stobars Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76710885 Stobars, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75410636 stone wall, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77120833 Stye Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76970733 summer house, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76940856 Tarn Lane, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77540850 Temperance Hall, Kirkby Stephen L
NY76870955 Thawath, Kirkby Stephen 
NY74870544 Thorny Pot Hole, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75910438 Three Milestone Quarry, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75690376 Three Stakes, Ravenstonedale gone
NY77280820 Town Head, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76491020 Trainriggs Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76631059 Trainriggs, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76220415 Turnpost Stones, Wharton 
NY77560844 Upper Eden Baptist Church, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76110918 Waitby Thorns, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77500873 war memorial, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77510844 Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77510842 Wesleyan Sunday School, Kirkby Stephen 
NY74790490 Wether Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75620513 White Quarry Bottom, Kirkby Stephen 
NY75360446 White Quarry, Kirkby Stephen 
NY74920415 Windy Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76500689 Wiseber Brow, Kirkby Stephen 
NY76080711 Wiseber Hill, Kirkby Stephen 
SD61348046 Hawes Wood, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77400951 New Bridge, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77640872 Frank's Bridge, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77490872 Kirkby Stephen 
NY77480864 Black Bull Hotel, Kirkby Stephen L
NY774086 Kings Arms, Kirkby Stephen L
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: Bowerbank, Joseph 
NY77510857 Kirkby Stephen: Co-operative 
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: Donald, J and Co 
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 5 to 7 
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 11 
NY77460877 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 14 L
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 39 
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: Market Street, 50 to 52 
NY7708 New Fountain Inn, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77520851 Temperance Hotel, Kirkby Stephen 
NY775085 White Lion, Kirkby Stephen 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY77570812 Bollam Lane Turnpike, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77220800 Kirkby Stephen Turnpike gone
NY77360749 Poetry Path, Kirkby Stephen 
NY7708 Kirkby Stephen: Ridley 
NY77320926 cemetery, Kirkby Stephen 
NY3658 Eden, River 
NY75430637 sheepfold, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77440858 barn, Kirkby Stephen L
NY77470887 water trough, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77510882 St John or St Stephen, Kirkby Stephen L
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