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Lazonby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5141
10Km square:-   NY44
10Km square:-   NY54
10Km square:-   NY53
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 664 (1971)

NY51144249 Abbot Moss Farm, Lazonby 
NY51064256 Abbot Moss, Lazonby 
NY50504430 Armathwaite Tunnel, Lazonby 
NY49974515 Armathwaite Viaduct, Hesket L
NY54743965 Bankfoot, Lazonby 
NY54663961 Banktop Farm, Lazonby 
NY54663958 Banktop House, Lazonby L
NY53444084 Bargeat Wath, Lazonby 
NY54184028 Barn Dyke, Lazonby 
NY51984328 Baron Wood No.1 Tunnel, Lazonby 
NY51794347 Baron Wood No.2 Tunnel, Lazonby 
NY50924393 Baron Wood Siding, Lazonby 
NY51074379 Baron Wood, Lazonby 
NY51414301 Baronwood Farm, Lazonby 
NY52364176 Baronwood Park, Lazonby 
NY55283985 Bateman Lane, Lazonby 
NY54264066 Bird House, Lazonby 
NY51974116 Birks Moss, Lazonby 
NY48504231 Black Rack, Lazonby 
NY4842 Blackrack Beck 
NY47904281 Blackrack Bridge, Hesket 
NY49514315 Blaze Fell, Lazonby 
NY49704335 Blazefell Quarry, Lazonby 
NY51594079 Bleaberry Hill, Lazonby 
NY54973834 boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby L
NY53973825 boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby (2) 
NY55143991 boundary stone, Lazonby 
NY53803927 Brackenbank, Lazonby 
NY51723711 Brown Rigg, Lazonby 
NY52143733 Brownrigg Quarry, Lazonby 
NY51104163 Castle Rigg, Lazonby 
NY50714151 Castlerigg Castle, Lazonby 
NY51354114 Castlerigg Cottage, Lazonby 
NY51184136 Castlerigg Plantation, Lazonby 
NY54683957 chapel, Lazonby 
NY54673944 chapel, Lazonby (2) 
NY497450 Coomb Eden, Lazonby 
NY53764106 Cotehill, Lazonby 
NY53074028 Crag Nook, Lazonby 
NY54693958 Croglin Toys: Lazonby 
NY54984027 Cypher Piece, Lazonby 
NY54633954 drain, Lazonby 
NY54623951 drain, Lazonby (3) 
NY54633950 (?) drains, Lazonby (2) 
NY5440 Dyer's Beck 
NY50874187 earthwork, Lazonby 
NY50164029 earthwork, Lazonby (2) 
NY50684041 earthwork, Lazonby (3) 
NY52643739 East Brownrigg, Lazonby 
NY55074039 Eden Bridge, Lazonby L
NY54983968 Edenbank, Lazonby 
NY50724277 Ewan Close, Lazonby 
NY49394264 Fiddle Plantation, Lazonby 
NY54564041 Fiddler's Lane, Lazonby 
NY49684502 fingerpost, Lazonby 
NY54143997 Garthfolds, Lazonby 
NY54603933 Hall Well, Lazonby 
NY49334448 hen house, Lazonby 
NY53864009 High Barn, Lazonby 
NY54823968 hydrant cover, Lazonby 
NY51283736 hydrant plate, Lazonby 
NY48194299 Inglewood Cottages, Lazonby 
NY51683814 Inglewood Cottages, Lazonby (2) gone
NY55093989 Joiners Arms, Lazonby 
NY55363923 Keldhead Lane, Lazonby 
NY54763967 Lazonby 
NY55083981 Lazonby CofE School, Lazonby L
NY51473951 Lazonby Fell, Lazonby 
NY544394 Lazonby Fire Station, Lazonby 
NY53904080 Lazonby Hall Cottages, Lazonby 
NY54084070 Lazonby Hall, Lazonby 
NY54813973 Lazonby Station, Lazonby 
NY55113939 Lazonby Tunnel, Lazonby 
NY54623950 Lazonby Village Hall, Lazonby 
NY54933978 Lazonby: Kirk Neuk Gallery 
NY49534164 Low Plains, Lazonby L
NY51944146 Middleholm Moss, Lazonby 
NY54823969 Midland Hotel, Lazonby 
NY55633937 Millbeck Lane, Lazonby 
NY54573946 Millstone Cottage, Lazonby 
NY49734502 New Inn, Lazonby 
NY49614430 Nord Vue Farm, Lazonby L
NY550404 pillbox, Lazonby 
NY54703956 pinfold, Lazonby gone
NY54583943 police station, Lazonby 
NY54853969 railway bridge, Lazonby 
NY54484052 railway bridge, Lazonby (2) 
NY50164465 railway bridge, Lazonby (3) 
NY55413902 railway cutting, Lazonby 
NY53733962 Rigghead Plantation, Lazonby gone
NY54573946 Rose Cottage, Lazonby 
NY52634240 Sampson's Cave, Lazonby 
NY54573922 Sawyers Well, Lazonby 
NY54393852 Scalehill, Lazonby 
NY54813937 Scar Loaning, Lazonby 
NY54174035 Scarrows Lane, Lazonby 
NY54063985 Scarrows, Lazonby 
NY5338 Scatter Beck 
NY54933837 Scatterbeck Mill, Lazonby 
NY51693775 Scratchmere Scar, Lazonby 
NY51553801 Scratchmill Scar, Lazonby 
NY54833974 Seathill, Lazonby gone
NY51864221 Shepherd's Hill, Lazonby 
NY56273926 St Michael's Well, Lazonby 
NY54913972 stocks, Lazonby 
NY50034465 stone wall, Lazonby 
NY48824433 Tarn Wadling Cottage, Lazonby 
NY54963979 Thorntree House, Lazonby 
NY55153984 Townfoot Farm, Lazonby L
NY55113989 Townfoot, Lazonby 
NY54413928 Townhead, Lazonby 
NY55013942 Vicarage, Lazonby 
NY54893972 war memorial, Lazonby 
NY54553943 waterworks sign, Lazonby 
NY51303706 West Brownrigg, Lazonby 
NY54054103 Woodend, Lazonby 
NY54913975 St Nicholas, Lazonby L
NY48454231 Blackrack Bridge, Hesket (2) 
NY54973835 bridge, Lazonby 
NY5439 Will Pool, Lazonby 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY54963835 water trough, Scatterbeck L
NY48444245 milestone, Lazonby 
NY54383927 fingerpost, Lazonby (2) 
NY54543941 seat, Lazonby 
NY3658 Eden, River 
NY548399 Lazonby Mart, Lazonby 
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