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placename:- Lazonby parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY5141
10Km square:- NY44, NY54
10Km square:- NY53
parish code:- LZNB
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY5141

source:- Census 1971

population:- 664 -- 1971

Abbot Moss, Lazonby
Armathwaite Tunnel, Lazonby
Armathwaite Viaduct, Hesket
Banktop House, Lazonby
Bargeat Wath, Lazonby
Baron Wood No.1 Tunnel, Lazonby
Baron Wood No.2 Tunnel, Lazonby
Baron Wood Siding, Lazonby
Baron Wood, Lazonby
Baronwood Park, Lazonby
Baronwood, Lazonby
Blackrack Beck
Blackrack Bridge, Hesket
Blaze Fell, Lazonby
Blazefell Quarry, Lazonby
Bleaberry Hill, Lazonby
boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby
boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby (2)
boundary stone, Lazonby
Brackenbank, Lazonby
Brownrigg Quarry, Lazonby
Brownrigg, Lazonby
Castlerigg, Lazonby
chapel, Lazonby
chapel, Lazonby (2)
chicken house, Lazonby
Coomb Eden, Lazonby
Cotehill, Lazonby
Cypher Piece, Lazonby
drain, Lazonby
drain, Lazonby (2)
drain, Lazonby (3)
East Brownrigg, Lazonby
Eden Bridge, Lazonby
Eden, River
Ewan Close, Lazonby
fingerpost, Lazonby
Garthfolds, Lazonby
Hall Well, Lazonby
hydrant cover, Lazonby
hydrant plate, Lazonby
Inglewood Cottages, Lazonby
Joiners Arms, Lazonby
Lazonby CofE School, Lazonby
Lazonby Fell, Lazonby
Lazonby Fire Station, Lazonby
Lazonby Hall, Lazonby
Lazonby Mart, Lazonby
Lazonby Station, Lazonby
Lazonby Tunnel, Lazonby
Lazonby Village Hall, Lazonby
Lazonby: Croglin Toys
Lazonby: Kirk Neuk Gallery
Low Plains, Lazonby
Midland Hotel, Lazonby
Millstone Cottage, Lazonby
Nord Vue, Lazonby
NY53: earthquake 19930925 0956
pillbox, Lazonby
pinfold, Lazonby
railway bridge, Lazonby
railway bridge, Lazonby (2)
railway bridge, Lazonby (3)
railway cutting, Lazonby
ring of bells, Lazonby
road, Penrith to Carlisle
road, Plumpton to Kirkoswald
road, through Great Salkeld
Rose Cottage, Lazonby
Sampson's Cave, Lazonby
Sawyers Well, Lazonby
Scalehill, Lazonby
Scarrows, Lazonby
Scratchmere Scar, Lazonby
seat, Lazonby
Settle and Carlisle Railway
Shepherd's Hill, Lazonby
St Michael's Well, Lazonby
St Nicholas, Lazonby
stone wall, Lazonby
sundial, Lazonby
Townfoot Farm, Lazonby
Townhead, Lazonby
trig point, NY4962543302
trig point, NY5169140030
war memorial, Lazonby
water trough, Scatterbeck
waterworks sign, Lazonby
Woodend, Lazonby

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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