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Preston Patrick parish
Preston Patrick
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD5584
10Km square:-   SD58
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Preston Pattricke in Kendall ward
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Preston Pattricke in Kendall ward"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Preston Patricke
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Preston Patricke"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 335 (1971)

place:-   Preston Patrick Constablewick

SD5584 abbey, Preston Patrick once
SD57438604 Audlands Park, Preston Patrick 
SD5885 Barkin Beck (2) 
SD57938529 Barkin House, Preston Patrick 
SD57808529 Barkin Lodge, Preston Patrick gone?
SD58078502 Barkinbeck Bridge, Preston Patrick 
SD54928438 Birks Farm, Preston Patrick 
SD54578306 Black Yeats, Preston Patrick 
SD53558174 boundary stone, Beetham/Preston Patrick L
SD58068502 boundary stone, Lupton/Preston Patrick L
SD57258646 boundary stone, Old Hutton etc/Preston Patrick L
SD55068154 boundary stone, Preston Patrick/Lupton L
SD57258646 bridge, Preston Patrick 
SD548834 Camsgill, Preston Patrick 
SD53718301 canal basin, Lancaster Canal 
SD53498334 canal feeder, Lancaster Canal 
SD53928187 canal feeder, Lancaster Canal (2) 
SD53528327 canal milestone, Kendal 8 L gone
SD53878177 canal milestone, Kendal 9 L
SD55178608 Canny Brow Foot, Preston Patrick 
SD54258460 Challon Hall, Preston Patrick L
SD54208451 Challonhall Bridge, Preston Patrick 
SD556856 Cocklet Wood, Preston Patrick 
SD55348408 Cox Bank, Preston Patrick 
SD55398424 Coxbank Farm, Preston Patrick 
SD53478338 Crooklands Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal L
SD53528371 Crooklands Mill, Crooklands 
SD53428367 Crooklands, Preston Richard 
SD54158183 Dove House Farm, Preston Patrick 
SD53908186 Dovehouses Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD54238175 Dovehouses Lane, Preston Patrick 
SD54508286 Elm Tree Farm, Preston Patrick 
SD5586 Fall Beck 
SD57358527 Far Audlands, Preston Patrick 
SD52358206 Farleton Beck 
SD53558174 Farleton Bridge, Farleton L
SD54758565 fence, Gatebeck 
SD54468169 fingerpost, Nook 
SD54748566 Gatebeck Bridge, Preston Richard 
SD5485 Gatebeck tramroad 
SD54948585 Gatebeck, Preston Patrick 
SD547847 Goose Green, Preston Patrick 
SD5583 Hellgill Beck 
SD55338358 Hellgill Bridge, Preston Patrick 
SD55548353 Hellgill Plantation, Preston Patrick 
SD55258619 High Bracken Hall, Preston Patrick 
SD54448240 Hollins, Preston Patrick 
SD54288431 house, Preston Patrick 
SD54818245 Howe Hill, Preston Patrick 
SD54258430 Kaker Mill, Preston Patrick 
SD54498228 Lane House, Preston Patrick 
SD53978257 Long Croft, Preston Patrick 
SD57368604 Low Audlands, Preston Patrick 
SD55088627 Low Bracken Hall, Preston Patrick 
SD5780 Lupton Beck 
SD53748294 M6 Bridge, Lancaster Canal 
SD54558200 milestone, Preston Patrick L
SD57758537 milestone, Preston Patrick (3) L
SD53688304 Millness Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD53438284 Millness Hall, Millness 
SD53428290 Millness Mill, Millness 
SD53518293 Millness, Preston Patrick 
SD53328211 Moss End Lane, Preston Patrick 
SD53548200 Moss End, Preston Patrick L
SD53978219 Moss Side Bridge, Lancaster Canal (2) 
SD54018213 Moss Side, Preston Patrick 
SD53678229 Moss, Preston Patrick 
SD54018230 New Valley, Preston Patrick 
SD54468168 Nook Bridge, Preston Patrick 
SD54848190 Nook Inn, Preston Patrick 
SD54698189 Nook, Preston Patrick 
SD54058411 Park End Mill, Preston Patrick gone
SD54198419 Park End, Preston Patrick 
SD5486 Peasey Beck 
SD53488350 Peasey Bridge, Crooklands 
SD55168183 Pendle Hill, Preston Patrick 
SD54898574 post box, Gatebeck 
SD55418402 Preston Patrick 
SD56238475 Preston Patrick Common, Preston Patrick 
SD54438374 Preston Patrick Hall, Preston Patrick L
SD53648322 Preston Patrick Memorial Hall, Millness 
SD55558433 roadsign, Preston Patrick 
SD54688203 Sarah Bank, Preston Patrick 
SD5582 Sarah Beck 
SD54918583 school, Gatebeck 
SD53678325 school, Millness 
SD53848261 Seven Milestone Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD55798542 Sill Field, Preston Patrick 
SD5483 Skip Burn 
SD54868180 Spout House, Preston Patrick L
SD53888346 St Gregory's Well, Preston Patrick 
SD53718352 St Patrick, Preston Patrick L
SD54558191 Summerdale House, Preston Patrick L
SD53758211 tarn, Preston Patrick suggested
SD55028158 Toll Bar Cottage, Lupton 
SD53708349 war memorial, Preston Patrick 
SD56158435 Warth Fish Pond, Preston Patrick 
SD56778444 Warth Hill, Preston Patrick 
SD55488472 Warth North Well, Preston Patrick 
SD55448448 Warth South Well, Preston Patrick 
SD55658443 Warth, Preston Patrick 
SD53048194 Water Lane, Preston Patrick 
SD52928263 Wath Sutton Bridge, Preston Patrick 
SD52978265 Wath Sutton, Preston Patrick L
SD54408169 weir, Preston Patrick 
SD56668498 West View, Preston Patrick 
SD54928317 Whetstone Bank, Preston Patrick 
SD54938321 Whetstone, Preston Patrick 
SD54828214 White Cottage, Preston Patrick 
SD53928189 winding point, Lancaster Canal (5) 
SD53388253 M6, junction 36 
SD53868266 milestone, Preston Patrick (2) L not found
SD54238406 meeting house, Preston Patrick 
SD59 Lancaster Canal 
SD543855 Gatebeck Gunpowder Mills, Gatebeck 
SD54848577 High Gatebeck Gunpowder Mills, Gatebeck 
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