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Setmurthy parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1632
10Km square:-   NY13
10Km square:-   NY23
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 138 (1971)

NY20173182 Banks Point, Setmurthy 
NY19583199 Barkhouse, Setmurthy 
NY19543192 barn, Setmurthy gone
NY18553149 bowling green, Higham Hall 
NY19263117 Brathay Hill, Setmurthy 
NY18933317 Brock Hole, Blindcrake 
NY18573104 Bully House, Setmurthy 
NY14623118 Cockermouth Moor, Setmurthy 
NY19063134 Crag, Setmurthy 
NY19433204 Derwent View, Setmurthy 
NY15683158 Dodd Crag, Setmurthy 
NY20043117 Dubwath Beck 
NY19823115 Dubwath Bridge, Dubwath 
NY19783120 Dubwath, Setmurthy 
NY17393282 Dunthwaite, Setmurthy L out of sight
NY19123137 East Crag, Setmurthy 
NY17453194 Elva Hill, Setmurthy 
NY17703172 Elva Plain stone circle, Setmurthy 
NY17513160 Elva Plain, Setmurthy 
NY19683187 Fern Cottage, Setmurthy 
NY16493296 fingerpost, Setmurthy 
NY18463234 fingerpost, Setmurthy (2) 
NY13923286 Forth House, Setmurthy 
NY14623128 Greenlands, Setmurthy 
NY15063180 Hay, Setmurthy 
NY15233283 Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy L
NY19043205 High Barkhouse, Setmurthy 
NY18553154 Higham Hall, Setmurthy L
NY18793104 Higham Lodge, Setmurthy 
NY19763124 house, Dubwath 
NY18503215 How Dyke, Setmurthy 
NY13363252 Howfoot Wood, Setmurthy 
NY16413329 Isel Bridge, Isel L
NY16643297 Kirkhouse, Setmurthy 
NY15723140 Long Bottom, Setmurthy 
NY19093132 Low Crag, Setmurthy 
NY18513237 Low House, Setmurthy L
NY19363273 Low Lowfield, Setmurthy 
NY18803256 Lowfield, Setmurthy 
NY19783121 milestone, Setmurthy 
NY19963210 Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge L
NY18483232 pinfold, Setmurthy 
NY18473231 post box, Setmurthy 
NY19583197 post box, Setmurthy (2) 
NY89493232 post box, Setmurthy (3) 
NY15773301 Prospect House, Setmurthy 
NY19893195 Ruddings Hill, Setmurthy 
NY19673189 Ruddings, Setmurthy 
NY18443201 school, Setmurthy gone
NY18473224 Setmurthy 
NY16583184 Setmurthy Common, Setmurthy 
NY18553239 Setmurthy Parish Hall, Setmurthy 
NY18103256 sheep feeder, Setmurthy 
NY17943274 Shepherds Field, Setmurthy 
NY15223279 Skiddaw View Farm, Setmurthy 
NY18463221 St Barnabas, Setmurthy L
NY18573153 viewpoint, Higham Hall 
NY14953188 Watch Hill, Setmurthy 
NY21432975 Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY19653189 meeting house, Setmurthy 
NY2515 Derwent, River 
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