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Staveley-in-Cartmel parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD3885
10Km square:-   SD38
10Km square:-   SD48
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

SD390873 Astley's Plantation, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD3882 Ayside Pool 
SD393836 Ayside, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD39458267 Barber Green, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37848616 Barrow Fold, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD3385 Black Beck (6) 
SD380871 boat house, Fell Foot L
SD38188784 boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38318854 boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2) 
SD38358875 boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (3) 
SD38348942 boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (4) 
SD370855 Canny Hill, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38538250 Cark Bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD372823 Cark Hall Allotment, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37968567 Chapel House, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37818620 Croft, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD383881 Dog Kennel Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37978480 Fair Rigg Cottage, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD38078479 Fair Rigg Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD38048479 Fair Rigg, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38418717 Fell Foot Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38378702 Fell Foot, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD38438467 Fiddler Hall South, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD38368475 Fiddler Hall, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD367859 Great Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38928291 Grove Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD39048848 Gummer's How, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37458486 Hare Bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37498450 Hazelrigg, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37988239 High Cark Hall, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD38068245 High Cark, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD3786 house, Newby Bridge 
SD38438946 house, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37858620 house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2) 
SD37948598 hydrant cover, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38238301 Isaac Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD380864 Line Riggs, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37358625 milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD38278507 milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2) 
SD39348394 milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (3) 
SD38558720 milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (4) not found
SD37138608 milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (5) 
SD37148617 Miller Beck Bridge, Newby Bridge 
SD37888612 Millerbeck Light Railway, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37998475 Myras View, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD36598624 Newby Bridge Farm, Newby Bridge L
SD389838 Oak Head, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38378481 Old Barn Farm, Fiddler Hall 
SD37908622 Old Vicarage, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD382868 pillbox, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38318492 pinfold, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37138613 police station, Newby Bridge 
SD37958619 post box, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD372855 post box, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2) 
SD39558271 Prospect Cottage, Barber Green 
SD37868625 Prospect Cottages, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD3983 quarry, Ayside 
SD39438865 reservoir, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD39448269 Rose Cottage, Barber Green L
SD37918626 Sandfold Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37938599 school, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38018632 school, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2) 
SD37848312 Seatle East Farm, Seatle L out of sight
SD37878311 Seatle Farm Cottage, Seatle L
SD37898312 Seatle Farm, Seatle L
SD37938317 Seatle Hall, Seatle L
SD369831 Seatle Plantation, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37908315 Seatle, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37868627 sheep feeder, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD39508631 Simpson Ground Reservoir, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37948618 Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD39158549 tarn, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38388772 Town Head, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD3904388486 trig point, SD3904388486 
SD37958595 war memorial, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD38628288 Water Yeat Bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD4185 Way Beck 
SD36798640 weir, Newby Bridge 
SD388847 Whitestone Enclosure, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD37958595 yew trees, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD39508266 Yewtree Farm, Barber Green L
SD37948593 St Mary, Staveley-in-Cartmel L
SD36918634 Tinker's Ford, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
SD370865 Newby Bridge 
SD36918636 Newby Bridge, Newby Bridge L
SD36948637 Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge L
SD3483 Leven, River 
SD38148685 guide stone, Staveley-in-Cartmel 
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