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Thursby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY3050
10Km square:-   NY25
10Km square:-   NY35
10Km square:-   NY24
10Km square:-   NY34
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1108 (1971)

NY31385090 Bankend, Thursby 
NY32604977 Craigard, Eveninghill 
NY30904960 Crofton Arch, Thursby 
NY30814949 Crofton Bridge, Westward L
NY29765095 Crofton Cottage, Thursby 
NY30095051 Crofton Farm, Thursby 
NY30325004 Crofton Hall, Thursby L gone
NY30654994 Crofton Lake, Thursby 
NY30285027 Crofton Social Centre, Thursby 
NY30365015 Crofton, Thursby 
NY32775026 Crookleigh, Thursby 
NY32685028 Dial Croft, Thursby 
NY27185168 Drumleaning Bridge, Drumleaning 
NY32484959 Evening Hill, Eveninghill 
NY32804974 Eveninghill Farm, Eveninghill L
NY32584972 Eveninghill Farmhouse, Eveninghill L
NY32584967 Eveninghill, Thursby 
NY33905219 fingerpost, Thursby 
NY31865076 Fox and Hounds, Thursby 
NY30195027 Greenways, Thursby L
NY32765024 Greenwood Cottage, Thursby L
NY32745023 Greenwood House, Thursby L
NY28415037 Greyhound Inn, Micklethwaite 
NY30415133 High Whinnow, Thursby 
NY32405046 Hole House, Thursby 
NY32795029 Holly Lodge, Thursby L
NY33985116 Homestead, Nealhouse 
NY31544978 How End Farm, Thursby L
NY31614985 How Hill, Thursby 
NY30384995 icehouse, Crofton Hall L out of sight
NY30345087 Low Whinnow Farm, Low Whinnow 
NY30385089 Low Whinnow, Thursby 
NY3150 Matty Beck 
NY27985000 Micklethwaite Bridge, Micklethwaite 
NY28535039 Micklethwaite Farm, Micklethwaite 
NY28435040 Micklethwaite, Thursby 
NY29855097 milestone, Thursby (2) 
NY31415092 milestone, Thursby (3) 
NY31234982 milestone, Thursby (4) 
NY34075107 milestone, Thursby (5) L
NY32705026 milestone, Thursby (6) L
NY32155058 Moorend Farm, Thursby 
NY32135061 Moorend, Thursby 
NY27105078 Moorhouse Ellers, Thursby 
NY26805146 Moorhouse Mill Bridge, Woodside 
NY3351 Nealhouse Beck 
NY34025107 Nealhouse Farm, Thursby 
NY33575132 Nealhouse Hill, Thursby 
NY34045114 Nealhouse, Thursby 
NY28195031 Newlands, Micklethwaite 
NY32445030 Old Vicarage, Thursby L
NY27825089 Parton Hall, Thursby L
NY27775087 Parton, Thursby 
NY32495041 police house, Thursby 
NY3152 Pow Beck (4) 
NY32395023 Rosedene, Thursby L
NY26905159 Scholar's Pool Bridge, Thursby 
NY32675023 school, Thursby gone
NY29405094 Shaw Rigg, Thursby 
NY29385076 Shaw Wood, Thursby gone
NY33965121 shed, Nealhouse 
NY32555028 Ship, Thursby L
NY30904962 South Lodge, Thursby L
NY32415028 St Andrew, Thursby 
NY32845028 Stone House, Thursby 
NY32395050 Thursby Methodist Church, Thursby 
NY32424937 Thursby Mill, Thursby 
NY32375022 Thursby Parish Hall, Thursby 
NY32855002 Thursby Primary School, Thursby 
NY31265038 Torkin Hill, Thursby 
NY31385037 Torkin, Thursby 
NY32494933 Wampool Bridge, Thursby 
NY30934958 Wampool Knowe, Thursby 
NY32415034 war memorial, Thursby 
NY32485006 West House, Thursby L
NY30894960 West Lodge, Thursby L
NY2950 Whinnow Beck 
NY28335017 Whins Hill, Micklethwaite 
NY28244989 Whins Mill, Micklethwaite 
NY32745031 Whitegates, Thursby L
NY33305103 Wood, Thursby 
NY32215034 Yewtree, Thursby 
NY31385037 tumulus, Torkin 
NY32655023 Thursby 
NY1757 Wampool, River 
NY28445047 milestone, Thursby (7) L
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