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placename:- Whitehaven borough
borough; pseudo parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NX9717
10Km square:- NX91, NY01
parish code:- WHTH
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NX9717

air shaft, Whitehaven
air shaft, Whitehaven (2)
air shaft, Whitehaven (3)
air shaft, Whitehaven (4)
air shaft, Whitehaven (5)
Albion Hotel, Whitehaven
Anchor Vaults, Whitehaven
Barra Jacks, Whitehaven
Barracks Mill, Whitehaven
Barrowmouth, Whitehaven
Bath House, Whitehaven
Beacon, Whitehaven
Black Lion, Whitehaven
Bleach Green, Whitehaven
Bransty Junction, Whitehaven
Bransty Turnpike, Whitehaven
Bransty, Whitehaven
British Legion, Whitehaven
Byerstead, Whitehaven
Cabbage Hall, Whitehaven
Candlestick, Whitehaven
Castle, Whitehaven
Central Hotel, Whitehaven
Chapel House, Whitehaven
Christ Church, Workington
clay pipe works, Whitehaven
College Chambers, Whitehaven
Colliery Schools, Whitehaven
Columba Club, Whitehaven
Corkickle Brewery, Whitehaven
Corkickle House, Whitehaven
Corkickle No.2 Junction, Whitehaven
Corkickle Station, Whitehaven
Corkickle, Whitehaven
Croft Pit, Whitehaven
Cumberland College, Whitehaven
David Pit, Whitehaven
Davy Pit, Whitehaven
Demesne, Whitehaven
Distressed Sailor, Hensingham
Dobson and Musgrave Warehouse, Whitehaven
Dog and Partridge, Sandwith
drinking fountain, Whitehaven
drinking fountain, Whitehaven (2)
Duke Pit, Whitehaven
engine shed, Whitehaven
engine shed, Whitehaven (2)
engine shed, Whitehaven (3)
engine shed, Whitehaven (4)
Female Training School, Whitehaven
fort, Whitehaven
Fox and Grapes, Whitehaven
George Pit, Whitehaven
George, Whitehaven
Globe Inn, Hensingham
Globe, Whitehaven
Golden Lion, Whitehaven
Grand Caledonian Junction Railway
Greenbank Hotel, Whitehaven
Haig Colliery Mining Museum, Kells
Haig Colliery railway
Harras Moor, Whitehaven
Harras, Whitehaven
Hensingham Methodist Church, Hensingham
Hensingham: Cottage Chippy
Hensingham, Whitehaven
High House, Whitehaven
Homewood House, Whitehaven
James's Pit, Whitehaven
John Paul Jones, Whitehaven
Jonathan Swift House, Whitehaven
Kells Pit, Whitehaven
Kells, Whitehaven
King's Arms, Whitehaven
Kirk Mission Hall, Whitehaven
Labyrinth, Whitehaven
Lady Pit, Whitehaven
Ladypit Pottery, Whitehaven
Lanehead, Whitehaven
Le Wheles, Whitehaven
lifeboat, Whitehaven
Lowther Street Methodist Church, Whitehaven
Marine School, Whitehaven
Market Hall, Whitehaven
Masonic Hall, Whitehaven
Meadow House, Whitehaven
meeting house, Whitehaven
methodist chapel, Whitehaven
milestone, Whitehaven
milestone, Whitehaven (2)
milestone, Whitehaven (3)
milestone, Whitehaven (4)
milestone, Whitehaven (5)
milestone, Whitehaven (6)
Mirehouse Junction, Whitehaven
Mirehouse, Whitehaven
Moor Row South Junction, Whitehaven
Moresby Parks Mission, Moresby Parks
Moss Pit, Whitehaven
New Monkwray, Whitehaven
Newtown Foundry, Whitehaven
North Pit, Whitehaven
NX91: earthquake 19070514 1307
Oddfellows Hall, Whitehaven
Old Brewery, Whitehaven
Old Custom House, Whitehaven
Old New Quay, Whitehaven
Old Quay, Whitehaven
Outer Light, Whitehaven Harbour
Overend Quarry, Whitehaven
Pack Horse, Whitehaven
Preston Street Goods, Whitehaven
Prestonhows, Whitehaven
race course, Whitehaven
Redness Point, Whitehaven
ring of bells, Hensingham
ring of bells, Whitehaven
road, Cockermouth to Whitehaven
road, Egremont to Whitehaven
road, Hawkshead to Whitehaven
road, through St Bees
road, Whitehaven to Workington
Round Close, Whitehaven
Royal Hotel, Whitehaven
Royal Oak, Whitehaven
Royal Standard Hotel, Whitehaven
Saltom Bay, St Bees
Saltom Pit, Whitehaven
Sandwith Newtown, Whitehaven
Sandwith, Whitehaven
school, Hensingham
school, Whitehaven
Scilly Bank, Whitehaven
Scragill Turnpike, Hensingham
Shipwrights Arms, Whitehaven
Somerset House, Whitehaven
St Andrew, Mirehouse
St Beghs, Whitehaven
St Bridget, Moresby
St Gregory and St Patrick, Whitehaven
St James, Whitehaven
St John, Hensingham
St Nicholas National School, Whitehaven
St Nicholas, Whitehaven
St Peter, Kells
Strand House, Whitehaven
Sun Inn, Hensingham
sundial, Whitehaven
Thorneybeck Quarry, Whitehaven
Thwaite Pit, Whitehaven
toll gate, Whitehaven
Tom Hurd Rock, Whitehaven
Town Hall, Whitehaven
trig point, NX9615115670
trig point, NX9656715744
trig point, NX9661715978
trig point, NX9670618682
trig point, NX9671318674
trig point, NX9674517595
trig point, NX9709717259
trig point, NX9733618607
trig point, NX9738219211
trig point, NX9753516268
trig point, NX9767118427
trig point, NX9846918873
trig point, NX9857616633
trig point, NX9903519477
trig point, NX9914518090
trig point, NX9917816961
Trinity Church National and Sunday School, Whitehaven
Union Hall, Whitehaven
Vagabond, Whitehaven
war memorial, Whitehaven
warehouse, Whitehaven
warehouse, Whitehaven (2)
Watch House, Whitehaven
Watchtower, Whitehaven Harbour
Waverley Hotel, Whitehaven
weighing machine, Whitehaven
Wellington House, Whitehaven
Wellington Pit, Whitehaven
Wellington, Whitehaven
West Cumberland Railway
West Pier, Whitehaven
Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Coalfield, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Colliery Schools, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Fire Station, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Infirmary, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Junction Railway
Whitehaven Museum, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Police Station, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven (2)
Whitehaven Tunnel, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Union Workhouse, Whitehaven
Whitehaven United Reformed Church, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Albert Square
Whitehaven: Barclays Bank
Whitehaven: Burton's
Whitehaven: Callander and Dixon
Whitehaven: Catherine Street, 15 and 16
Whitehaven: Church Street
Whitehaven: Church Street, 6
Whitehaven: Church Street, 34 and 35
Whitehaven: Church Street, 49 to 57
Whitehaven: Church Street, 50 to 57
Whitehaven: Church Street, 57
Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway
Whitehaven: Clydesdale Bank
Whitehaven: Coates Lane, 9
Whitehaven: College Street, 10
Whitehaven: Co-op Store
Whitehaven: Cross Street, 1 to 4
Whitehaven: Cross Street, 11
Whitehaven: Cross Street, 12
Whitehaven: Crosthwaite and Co
Whitehaven: Davidson
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 4 and 5
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 43 and 44
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 46 to 50
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 53
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 54 and 55
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 65 to 76
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 96 and 97
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 105
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 1 and 2
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 3
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 4 and 5
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 6 and 7
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 8 and 9
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 10
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 17 and 18
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 19 and 20
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 22 and 23
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 5 and 6
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 7
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 8
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 12
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 15 to 19
Whitehaven: G Conquest
Whitehaven: Garden Villas
Whitehaven: George Street, 70
Whitehaven: George Street, 71 and 72
Whitehaven: George Street, 73
Whitehaven: George Street, 83 to 87
Whitehaven: Hamilton Lane, 1
Whitehaven: Hamilton Terrace
Whitehaven: Henry Atkinson
Whitehaven: High Street, 1 to 11
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 10
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 11
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 12
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 17 and 18
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 1 and 2
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 13 and 14
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 15 and 16
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 17 and 18
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 4 and 5
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 7
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 17
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 18
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 19 and 20
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 41 to 43
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 44 and 45
Whitehaven: Isaac Linton
Whitehaven: J and C D Gordon
Whitehaven: J Booth
Whitehaven: J Laughlin
Whitehaven: J Whittle
Whitehaven: John Duggan
Whitehaven: La'al Tattie Bar
Whitehaven: Lonsdale Place
Whitehaven: Lowther Street
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 1
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 22 to 24
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 25
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 26
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 37
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 38
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 39 to 42
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 44 to 47
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 59
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 75 to 77
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 78 and 79
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 80
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 81 to 83
Whitehaven: Main Street, 35 to 37
Whitehaven: Main Street, 38 to 48
Whitehaven: Main Street, 81 to 87
Whitehaven: Main Street, 88
Whitehaven: Main Street, 89 to 95
Whitehaven: Main Street, 96 to 99
Whitehaven: Marine Terrace
Whitehaven: Marlborough Street, 1
Whitehaven: Michael Moon
Whitehaven: New Street, 23 and 24
Whitehaven: New Street, 42
Whitehaven: Oak Bank Terrace
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 16 and 17
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 30
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 31 and 32
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 35
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 43
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 127 to 131
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 132
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 140
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 150
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 151
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 152 to 155
Whitehaven: R Gibson and Son
Whitehaven: Retreat
Whitehaven: Richardson and Sons
Whitehaven: Robert Burton
Whitehaven: Roper Street
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 16
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 19 and 20
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 21 and 22
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 23 and 24
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 25
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 28
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 29
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 30
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 36 to 38
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 44 and 45
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 46 to 49
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 51
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 52
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 53
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 54
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 55
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 56
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 57 and 58
Whitehaven: Scotch Street
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 9 and 10
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 14
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 31
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 32 to 35
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 84 to 95
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 112
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 113
Whitehaven: Shooz'n'Sox
Whitehaven: Sutton, R
Whitehaven: Tangier Street, 35
Whitehaven: Victoria Terrace
Whitehaven: West View, 7
Whitehaven: Westminster Bank
Whitehaven: Whitehaven Herald
Whitehaven: Whittles Furniture Store
William Pit, Whitehaven
Wilson Pit Turnpike, Whitehaven
Wilson Pit, Whitehaven
windmill, Whitehaven
windmill, Whitehaven (2)
Woodend, Whitehaven
Woodhouse, Whitehaven
Wulstan Hall, Whitehaven

button   Albion Hotel, Whitehaven
button   Anchor Vaults, Whitehaven
button   Barra Jacks, Whitehaven
button   Barrowmouth, Whitehaven
button   Bath House, Whitehaven
button   Beacon, Whitehaven
button   Black Lion, Whitehaven
button   Bleach Green, Whitehaven
button   Bransty Junction, Whitehaven
button   Bransty, Whitehaven
button   Candlestick, Whitehaven
button   Castle, Whitehaven
button   Christ Church, Workington
button   clay pipe works, Whitehaven
button   Colliery Schools, Whitehaven
button   Corkickle House, Whitehaven
button   Corkickle Station, Whitehaven
button   Corkickle, Whitehaven
button   Distressed Sailor, Hensingham
button   Dobson and Musgrave Warehouse, Whitehaven
button   drinking fountain, Whitehaven
button   drinking fountain, Whitehaven (2)
button   Duke Pit, Whitehaven
button   engine shed, Whitehaven (3)
button   engine shed, Whitehaven (4)
button   Female Training School, Whitehaven
button   fort, Whitehaven
button   George Pit, Whitehaven
button   George, Whitehaven
button   Globe Inn, Hensingham
button   Globe, Whitehaven
button   Golden Lion, Whitehaven
button   Haig Colliery Mining Museum, Kells
button   Haig Colliery railway
button   Hensingham, Whitehaven
button   James's Pit, Whitehaven
button   John Paul Jones, Whitehaven
button   Jonathan Swift House, Whitehaven
button   Kells, Whitehaven
button   King's Arms, Whitehaven
button   Labyrinth, Whitehaven
button   Lady Pit, Whitehaven
button   lifeboat, Whitehaven
button   Marine School, Whitehaven
button   Market Hall, Whitehaven
button   meeting house, Whitehaven
button   methodist chapel, Whitehaven
button   milestone, Whitehaven
button   Mirehouse, Whitehaven
button   Moor Row South Junction, Whitehaven
button   New Monkwray, Whitehaven
button   Newtown Foundry, Whitehaven
button   North Pit, Whitehaven
button   Old Brewery, Whitehaven
button   Old New Quay, Whitehaven
button   Old Quay, Whitehaven
button   Outer Light, Whitehaven Harbour
button   Preston Street Goods, Whitehaven
button   Prestonhows, Whitehaven
button   ring of bells, Hensingham
button   ring of bells, Whitehaven
button   Round Close, Whitehaven
button   Royal Oak, Whitehaven
button   Royal Standard Hotel, Whitehaven
button   school, Whitehaven
button   Shipwrights Arms, Whitehaven
button   St Gregory and St Patrick, Whitehaven
button   St James, Whitehaven
button   St John, Hensingham
button   St Nicholas National School, Whitehaven
button   St Nicholas, Whitehaven
button   Sun Inn, Hensingham
button   sundial, Whitehaven
button   Tom Hurd Rock, Whitehaven
button   trig point, NX9656715744
button   trig point, NX9661715978
button   trig point, NX9670618682
button   trig point, NX9671318674
button   trig point, NX9674517595
button   trig point, NX9709717259
button   trig point, NX9733618607
button   trig point, NX9753516268
button   trig point, NX9767118427
button   Trinity Church National and Sunday School, Whitehaven
button   Vagabond, Whitehaven
button   war memorial, Whitehaven
button   Watch House, Whitehaven
button   Watchtower, Whitehaven Harbour
button   weighing machine, Whitehaven
button   Wellington Pit, Whitehaven
button   Wellington, Whitehaven
button   West Pier, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Colliery Schools, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Fire Station, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Museum, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Police Station, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven (2)
button   Whitehaven Tunnel, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven United Reformed Church, Whitehaven
button   Whitehaven: Burton's
button   Whitehaven: Callander and Dixon
button   Whitehaven: Crosthwaite and Co
button   Whitehaven: Davidson
button   Whitehaven: G Conquest
button   Whitehaven: Henry Atkinson
button   Whitehaven: Isaac Linton
button   Whitehaven: J and C D Gordon
button   Whitehaven: J Booth
button   Whitehaven: J Laughlin
button   Whitehaven: J Whittle
button   Whitehaven: John Duggan
button   Whitehaven: La'al Tattie Bar
button   Whitehaven: Michael Moon
button   Whitehaven: R Gibson and Son
button   Whitehaven: Richardson and Sons
button   Whitehaven: Robert Burton
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 16
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 19 and 20
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 21 and 22
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 23 and 24
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 25
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 28
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 29
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 30
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 36 to 38
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 44 and 45
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 46 to 49
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 51
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 52
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 53
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 54
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 55
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 56
button   Whitehaven: Roper Street, 57 and 58
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 9 and 10
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 14
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 31
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 32 to 35
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 84 to 95
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 112
button   Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 113
button   Whitehaven: Shooz'n'Sox
button   Whitehaven: Sutton, R
button   Whitehaven: Whitehaven Herald
button   William Pit, Whitehaven
button   Woodhouse, Whitehaven

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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