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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY52


places in the square:-

Cottage, Yanwath etc , building/s, listed  (NY51012794)

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Gate Inn, Yanwath , inn, listed  (NY51152778)

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house, Yanwath , building/s  (NY51092781)

Moorside, Yanwath etc , building/s  (NY511274)

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school, Yanwath etc , school  (NY51062745)

Yanwath and Eamont Bridge parish / Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and, parish  (NY5127)

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Yanwath Bridge, Yanwath etc , railway bridge  (NY51132770)

Yanwath, Yanwath etc , building/s  (NY51072786)

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Yanwath, Yanwath etc: Lakeland Dovecotes / Lakeland Dovecotes, workshop  (NY51332781)

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