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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY52


places in the square:-

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cricket ground, Lowther , cricket ground  (NY532237)

Hermitage, Hackthorpe , building/s  (NY5323)

Hollies, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY53992339)

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Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY53632363)

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Lowther Cottage, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY53662359)

milestone, Lowther , milestone, listed  (NY53862374)

milestone, Lowther (5) , milestone  (NY53762307)

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pump, Lowther , pump, listed  (NY53622365)

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seat, Hackthorpe , seat  (NY53922339)

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village hall, Hackthorpe / Hackthorpe village hall, village hall  (NY53922338)

Warrenhouse Well, Lowther , spring  (NY53832394)

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