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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY52


places in the square:-

barn, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY54402305)

Boxwood Cottage, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY54242320)

Brockle Bank, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY54362310)

Bush Cottage, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY54232320)

Hackthorpe, Lowther , building/s  (NY542232)

Hill Rise, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY54382307)

Lowther Castle Inn, Hackthorpe , inn, listed  (NY54302314)

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Lowther Castle, Hackthorpe , inn  (NY54312315)

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Lowther Endowed School, Hackthorpe , school  (NY54032340)

school, Hackthorpe / Hackthorpe School, school  (NY54342311)

Townend Farm, Lowther , building/s, listed  (NY54272328)

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