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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY52


places in the square:-

Bank, Little Strickland , building/s  (NY559208)

Hill Top, Thrimby , building/s, listed  (NY55502016)

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lodge, Lowther Park , building/s, listed  (NY55022099)

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milestone, Thrimby , milestone  (NY55052092)

milestone, Thrimby (3) , milestone  (NY55322026)

Thrimby Bridge, Thrimby , railway bridge  (NY55782022)

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Thrimby Farm, Thrimby , building/s  (NY55312026)

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Thrimby Hall, Thrimby , building/s, listed  (NY55562046)

Thrimby parish , parish  (NY5520)

Thrimby, Little Strickland , building/s  (NY5520)

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