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Map, colour printed, A Map of XVII Century England, including Westmorland, Cumberland etc, in particular showing the routes mapped by John Ogilby, 1675, scale about 16 miles to 1 inch, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, 1930.
Various sources were used to compile the map, but most importantly the road strip maps of John Ogilby published in Britannia, London, 1675.
   Ogilby 1930
map feature:- folded & card cover & colour printed & picture frame border & scale line & table of symbols & lat and long scales & lat and long grid & sea tinted & depth contours & coast line & rivers & relief & layer colouring & table of heights & settlements & roads
inscription:- printed top
inscription:- printed cover
A / Map of / XVII CENTURY / ENGLAND / WITH / Description, Chronological Tables, and / a Map of LONDON circa 1660. / Scale : 16 Miles to One Inch / Published by the / ORDNANCE SURVEY, / SOUTHAMPTON. / PRICE FIVE SHILLINGS
black on buff; portaits of Charles and Oliver Cromwell
scale line:- 100+10 miles = 178.1 mm
scale:- 1 to 1000000 ? (nominal)
wxh, sheet:- 64.5x85cm
wxh, map:- 583x772mm
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