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Print, frontispiece to the collection of poems, Poly Olbion, by Michael Drayton, engraved by William Hole, published by M Lownes, J Browne, J Helme, and J Busbie, London, 1612.
Albion sits in a triumphant arch surrounded by Brutus, Caesar, Horse, and William the Conqueror, etc. There is a accompanying page of text describing the picture.
source type:- Drayton 1612/1622 text
inscription:- printed
POLY-OLBION / GREAT BRITAINE / by Michael Drayton / Esqr : / London printed for M Lownes. I Browne. / I Helme. I Busbie. / Ingrave~ / by W Hole
wxh, picture:- 157x245mm
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