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Carlisle Library : Map 78
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Map, hand coloured engraving, Map of the Meetings belonging to the Quarterly Meetings of Lancaster, Westmorland, Cumberland, Northumberland, Durham and York, scale about 9 miles to 1 inch, by James Backhouse, engraved by Thomas Kitchin, published by James Backhouse, Darlington, Durham, 1773.
The map has:-
'EXPLANATION. / The Districts of the Quarterly Meetings are distinguished by Colours. / The Quarterly Meetings are generally held, for / Yorkshire at York, on the 4th. Day preceeding the last ... 5th. Day in the 3d. 6th. 9th. & 12th. Months. / Cumberland circulates, and is held the last ... 5th. -- ditto -- / Durham at Durham, the first ... 3d Day in the 1st. 4th. 7th. & 10th. Months. / Lancashire at Lancaster, the first ... 4th -- ditto -- / Northumberland at Allandale, the first ... 5th -- ditto -- / Westmoreland at Kendal, the first ... 6th -- ditto -- / except at Midsummer, Lancaster Quarter meeting is held the 2d. fourth Day. / The Divisions of the Monthly Meetings are distinguished by Lines thus [dashed line] In which is mentioned the Day of the Month and Week each Monthly Meeting is held. / The first figure in each Circle denotes the Market Day at or near that Place, and the second figure the week day meeting days. / If there are more than two figures in a Circle. The top figures denote the Market Days, and the bottom the Week Day Meeting Days. / The Roads are expressed by a double continued Line Upon which the distance from Place to Place is given in Measured Miles. / The Boundaries of Counties are expressed by dots. [dotted line] / York Quarterly Meeting holds Two Days / Cumberland Quarterly Meeting is held at Carlisle in the 3d. Month Coldbeck 6th. Cockermouth 9th. & Wigton the 12th.'
   Backhouse 1773
map feature:- floral cartouche & compass rose & up is N & lat and long scales & lat and long grid & sea plain & coast form lines & lakes & county & settlements & roads & road distances & market days
inscription:- printed
A MAP / of the MEETINGS, / belonging to the / QUARTERLY MEETINGS / of LANCASTER, / WESTMORELAND, / CUMBERLAND, / NORTHUMBERLAND, / DURHAM & / YORK. / By James Backhouse, / 1773 // Engraved by Thos. Kitchin.
inscription:- printed bottom
Publish'd as the Act Directs 1st. 3d. Moth. 1773, by the Author at DARLINGTON, Price 1s. 6d., also sold by T. Kitchin, No.59, Holborn Hill, London.
wxh, map:- 482x527mm
scale:- 1 to 580000 ? (1 to 584709 from 1d latitude = 190.3mm)
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