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Ogilby 1675, plate 62
Ogilby 1675, plate 62 segment OG62m005 plus overlaps, destination at the top

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places may or may not be labelled on the map

button -- Brackneth -- (Brackenhill Tower, Arthuret (OG62inc))
button -- (Broomhills, Arthuret (OG62inc))
button -- Kirk Leventon -- (Kirklinton, Kirklinton Middle (OG62inc))
button -- Leven Fluvius -- (Lyne, River (OG62inc))
button -- (St Cuthbert, Kirklinton (OG62inc))
button -- West Leventon -- (Westlinton (OG62inc))
button -- (Woodhead Ford, Kirklinton Middle (OG62inc))

civil parishes

The route segment roughly includes parts of parishes:-

    Kirklinton Middle
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