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Index Map

map image with button areas
(Otely's map is printed with North at the top; it is presented here with areas corresponding to ngr 10Km squares as live "buttons".

NY04 NY14 NY24 NY34 NY44 NY54 NY03 NY13 NY23 NY33 NY43 NY53 NX92 NY02 NY12 NY22 NY32 NY42 NY52 NX91 NY01 NY11 NY21 NY31 NY41 NY51 NX90 NY00 NY10 NY20 NY30 NY40 NY50 SD09 SD19 SD29 SD39 SD49 SD59 SD08 SD18 SD28 SD38 SD48 SD58 SD17 SD27 SD37 SD47 SD57 SD16 SD26 SD36 SD46 SD56
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