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Places A..Z

Place names read off West's Map of the Lakes, rotated so that up is North, with the national grid overlaid by an approximate process.
Places are in alphabetical order of the Identified place.

Place on map Identification / EvidenceImage
riverAira Beck in Matterdale (NY32)Ws02NY32.jpg
Airey BridgeAira Bridge? in Matterdale (NY4020)Ws02NY32.jpg
AldinghamAldingham (SD27)Ws02SD27.jpg
AmblesideAmbleside in Lakes (NY376045) / labelled 'AMBLESIDE'Ws02NY30.jpg
riverRiver Annas in Whicham etc (SD08)Ws02SD08.jpg
ArmathwaiteArmathwaite Hall in Bassenthwaite (NY23)Ws02NY13.jpg
riverArndale Beck in Crosthwaite and Lyth (SD49)Ws02SD48.jpg
Arnside FellsArnside Fell in Arnside (SD47) / labelled 'ARNSIDE FELLS'Ws02SD47.jpg
Arnside TowerArnside Tower in Arnside (SD47) / Marked by a drawing of a tower.Ws02SD47.jpg
King Arthurs Round TableArthur's Round Table in Yanwath and Eamont Bridge (NY523284)Ws02NY42.jpg
Ashton HallAshton Hall? in Lancashire (SD45)Ws02SD45.jpg
AskhamAskham (NY513237)Ws02NY42.jpg
Backbarrow FurnaceBackbarrow Furnace? in Haverthwaite (SD3584?) / labelled 'Backbarrow / Furnace'Ws02SD38.jpg
BackbarrowBackbarrow in Haverthwaite (SD3584) / labelled 'Backbarrow / Furnace'Ws02SD38.jpg
BamptonBampton (NY521180)Ws02NY51.jpg
riverBannisdale Beck in Whitwell and Selside etc (NY50)Ws02NY50.jpg
Bardsea HallBardsea Hall? in Urswick (SD3074?)Ws02SD27.jpg
Old BarrowBarrow Island in Barrow-in-Furness (SD2068)Ws02SD16.jpg
BarrowBarrow-in-Furness (SD198689)Ws02SD17.jpg
Bassenthwaite WaterBassenthwaite Lake in Bassenthwaite etc (NY215298) / labelled 'BASSENTHWAITE WATER'Ws02NY23.jpg; Ws02NY22.jpg
beaconbeacon? in Lancashire (SD4872) / labelled 'Beacon' / Shown by a drawing of a tower.Ws02SD46.jpg
WithopBeck Wythop in Wythop (NY2128)Ws02NY13.jpg
BethamBeetham (SD4979)Ws02SD47.jpg
Beela RiverRiver Bela in Beetham (SD58)Ws02SD47.jpg; Ws02SD57.jpg
islandBelle Isle in Windermere (SD39) / In Windermere Water.Ws02SD39.jpg
BiggerBiggar in Barrow-in-Furness (SD1966)Ws02SD16.jpg
riverBlack Beck in Millom Without (SD18)Ws02SD18.jpg
Black CombBlack Combe in Whicham (SD135855) / labelled 'BLACK COMB'Ws02SD18.jpg
BlawithBlawith in Blawith and Subberthwaite (SD2888)Ws02SD28.jpg
lakeBlelham Tarn in Hawkshead etc (NY30)Ws02NY30.jpg
riverRiver Bleng in Nether Wasdale (NY10) / Labelled as the upper part of the River Irt.Ws02SD29.jpg
BoltonBolton-le-Sands in Lancashire (SD4868)Ws02SD45.jpg
BootleBootle (SD108883)Ws02SD08.jpg
Borrowdale FellsBorrowdale Fells in Borrowdale (NY21) / labelled 'BORROWDALE FELLS'Ws02NY21.jpg
BorwickBorwick in Lancashire (SD5273)Ws02SD56.jpg
BouthBouth in Colton (SD38)Ws02SD38.jpg
Bowther StoneBowder Stone in Borrowdale (NY21)Ws02NY21.jpg
Bownessroughly Bowness Farm in Bassenthwaite (NY22)Ws02NY23.jpg
BownessBowness-on-Windermere in Windermere (NY403969)Ws02SD49.jpg
BrackenthwaiteBrackenthwaite in Buttermere (NY12)Ws02NY12.jpg
Brathayprobably Brathay Hall in Skelwith (NY30)Ws02NY30.jpg
riverRiver Brathay in Skelwith etc (NY30) / The county boundary.Ws02NY20.jpg; Ws02NY30.jpg
BradnessBroadness in Bassenthwaite (NY22)Ws02NY23.jpg
Broad WaterBrothers Water in Patterdale (NY41)Ws02NY41.jpg
Brougham CastleBrougham Castle in Brougham (NY537290)Ws02NY53.jpg
BroughtonBroughton in Furness in Broughton West (SD211876) / labelled 'BROUGHTON'Ws02SD18.jpg
towerBroughton Tower in Broughton West (SD213879) / labelled 'Tower'Ws02SD18.jpg
BurnsideBurneside in Strickland Ketel etc (SD5095)Ws02SD59.jpg
Burnmoor TarnBurnmoor Tarn in Eskdale (NY10) / labelled 'Burnmoor tarn'Ws02NY10.jpg
BurtonBurton-in-Kendal (SD531765) / labelled 'BURTON'Ws02SD57.jpg
Buttermere WaterButtermere (NY182158) / labelled 'BUTTERMERE WATER'Ws02NY11.jpg
Calder RiverRiver Calder in Ennerdale and Kinniside (NY01)Ws02NY01.jpg
Caldew RiverRiver Caldew in Dalston etc (NY35)Ws02NY33.jpg
Calgarthprobably Calgarth Hall in Windermere (SD39)Ws02SD49.jpg
CarnforthCarnforth in Lancashire (SD499705)Ws02SD56.jpg
riverperhaps Carrock Beck in Caldbeck (NY33)Ws02NY33.jpg
Carter HouseCarter House? in Grange-over-Sands (SD47)Ws02SD37.jpg
Carter HouseCarter House? in Ulverston (SD3177)Ws02SD27.jpg
Cartmel WellsCartmel Wells? in Lower Holker (SD3673?)Ws02SD37.jpg
CartmelCartmel in Lower Allithwaite (SD382786) / labelled 'CARTMEL'Ws02SD37.jpg
Castle CragCastle Crag in Borrowdale (NY21)Ws02NY21.jpg
CastleheadCastle Head in Grange-over-Sands (SD47)Ws02SD47.jpg
Castlehillperhaps Castle Head in Keswick (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
Druids TempleCastlerigg Stone Circle in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY291236) / Shown by a circle of seven dots, near Castlerigg village.Ws02NY22.jpg
CastleriggCastlerigg in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
Chapel IsleChapel Island in Lower Allithwaite (SD311758)Ws02SD37.jpg
islandprobably Cherry Holm in Patterdale (NY3917)Ws02NY31.jpg
riverChurch Beck in Coniston (SD29)Ws02SD29.jpg
Clappers gateClappersgate in Lakes (NY30)Ws02NY30.jpg
CliftonClifton (NY534266)Ws02NY52.jpg
Cocker RiverRiver Cocker in Blindbothel etc (NY12)Ws02NY13.jpg; Ws02NY12.jpg
CockermouthCockermouth (NY122306) / labelled 'COCKERMOUTH'Ws02NY03.jpg
Cockley BeckCockley Beck in Castle Sowerby (NY34) / The river is the county boundaryWs02NY20.jpg; Ws02SD29.jpg; Ws02SD19.jpg
riverColedale Beck in Above Derwent (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
Conishead PrioryConishead Priory in Ulverston (SD37)Ws02SD27.jpg
Coniston FellsConiston Fells in Coniston (SD29) / labelled 'CONISTON FELLS'Ws02NY20.jpg
Coniston HallConiston Hall in Coniston (SD3096)Ws02SD29.jpg
Thurston WaterConiston Water in Coniston etc (NY302943) / labelled 'THURSTON OR CONISTON WATER'Ws02SD29.jpg
Copeland ForestCopeland Forest in Nether Wasdale (NY10) / labelled 'COPELAND FOREST'Ws02NY10.jpg
Stoneshead Fellpossibly Corney Fell in Waberthwaite (SD19) / labelled 'STONESHEAD FELL'Ws02SD19.jpg
Ladys PillarCountess Pillar in Brougham (NY546289)Ws02NY53.jpg
Crake RiverRiver Crake in Lowick etc (SD28)Ws02SD28.jpg
CrooklandsCrooklands in Preston Richard etc (SD5383)Ws02SD58.jpg
CrossbankCrossbank in Kendal (SD5293)Ws02SD59.jpg
CrosthwaiteCrosthwaite in Crosthwaite and Lyth (SD4391)Ws02SD49.jpg
Crommack WaterCrummock Water in Buttermere (NY158189) / labelled 'CROMMACK WATER'Ws02NY12.jpg; Ws02NY11.jpg
riverCunsey Beck in Satterthwaite etc (SD39)Ws02SD39.jpg
riverDacre Beck in Dacre (NY42)Ws02NY42.jpg
Dacre CastleDacre Castle in Dacre (NY42)Ws02NY42.jpg
DalemainDalemain in Dacre (NY42)Ws02NY42.jpg
Dallam TowerDallam Tower in Beetham (SD48) / Marked by a drawing of a ?tower.Ws02SD47.jpg
DaltonDalton-in-Furness in Dalton Town with Newton (SD227738) / labelled 'DALTON'Ws02SD17.jpg
riverDash Beck in Bassenthwaite etc (NY23)Ws02NY23.jpg
lakedecoy pond; pond in Lowther (NY52)Ws02NY52.jpg
islandprobably Derwent Isle in Keswick (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
Derwent WaterDerwent Water in Keswick etc (NY260210) / labelled 'DERWENT WATER'Ws02NY22.jpg
Derwent RiverRiver Derwent in Broughton (NY03)Ws02NY13.jpg
Devock WaterDevoke Water in Eskdale (SD19)Ws02SD19.jpg
Dudden BridgeDuddon Bridge in Millom Without (SD19928818)Ws02SD18.jpg
river estuaryDuddon Estuary in Cumbria (SD17+ )Ws02SD18.jpg; Ws02SD17.jpg
Duddon SandsDuddon Sands in Millom Without (SD18)Ws02SD18.jpg; Ws02SD17.jpg
map featureRiver Duddon in Ulpha etc (NY20) / The river is the county boundaryWs02SD19.jpg
Dunmail Raise StonesDunmail Raise Stones in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY31) / A number of stones drawn either side of the road.Ws02NY31.jpg
DunmalletDunmallard Hill in Dacre (NY4624)Ws02NY42.jpg
Eagle CragEagle Crag in Borrowdale (NY21)Ws02NY21.jpg
Emmont RiverRiver Eamont in Langwathby etc (NY53) / County boundary.Ws02NY53.jpg; Ws02NY42.jpg
lakeEasedale Tarn in Lakes (NY30)Ws02NY20.jpg
Eden RiverRiver Eden in Bowness etc (NY26)Ws02NY53.jpg
Cark RiverRiver Eea in Lower Allithwaite (SD37)Ws02SD38.jpg; Ws02SD37.jpg
riverRiver Ellen in Blennerhasset and Torpenhow etc (NY14)Ws02NY23.jpg
Elter WaterElter Water in Lakes (NY30)Ws02NY30.jpg
Ennerdale WaterEnnerdale Water in Ennerdale and Kinniside (NY106150) / labelled 'ENNERDALE WATER'Ws02NY01.jpg
river estuaryEsk Estuary? in Cumbria (SD0896)Ws02SD09.jpg
Esk RiverRiver Esk in Eskdale (NY20)Ws02SD09.jpg; Ws02SD19.jpg
EskdaleEskdale (NY10)Ws02SD19.jpg
Esthwaite WaterEsthwaite Water in Hawkshead (SD39) / labelled 'ESTHWAITE WATER'Ws02SD39.jpg
Farleton KnotFarleton Knott in Beetham (SD5480) / labelled 'FARLETON KNOT' / A part ring of hachuring marks the hill.Ws02SD57.jpg
FellfootFell Foot in Staveley-in-Cartmel (SD38)Ws02SD38.jpg
Shaw Endapproximately Field End in Whinfell (SD59) / labelled 'Shaw end'Ws02SD59.jpg
FlookboroFlookburgh in Lower Holker (SD37)Ws02SD37.jpg
Foulney IsleFoulney Island in Barrow-in-Furness (SD26)Ws02SD26.jpg
furnacefurnace; iron works in Lancashire (SD47) / labelled 'Furnace' / By the Leighton Beck.Ws02SD47.jpg
Funess AbbeyFurness Abbey in Barrow-in-Furness (SD218717)Ws02SD17.jpg
Furness FellsFurness Fells in Colton (SD38) / labelled 'FURNESS FELLS'Ws02SD39.jpg; Ws02SD38.jpg
High FurnessFurness in Cumbria (SD26+ ) / labelled 'HIGH FURNESS'Ws02SD29.jpg; Ws02SD28.jpg
Low FurnessFurness in Cumbria (SD26+ ) / labelled 'LOW FURNESS'Ws02SD27.jpg
riverFusedale Beck in Martindale (NY41)Ws02NY42.jpg
GatesgarthGatesgarth in Buttermere (NY11)Ws02NY11.jpg
riverGatesgarthdale Beck in Buttermere (NY21)Ws02NY11.jpg
riverGillcambon Beck in Mungrisdale etc (NY33)Ws02NY33.jpg
riverRiver Gilpin in Crosthwaite and Lyth etc (SD49)Ws02SD49.jpg; Ws02SD48.jpg
Gleaston CastleGleaston Castle in Aldingham (SD27)Ws02SD27.jpg
riverGlencoyne Beck in Patterdale (NY31)Ws02NY32.jpg; Ws02NY31.jpg
GlenderamakinRiver Glenderamackin in Threlkeld etc (NY32)Ws02NY32.jpg
GlenderateraGlenderaterra Beck in Underskiddaw etc (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
riverGlenridding Beck in Patterdale (NY31)Ws02NY31.jpg
Goats TarnGoat's Water in Torver (SD29)Ws02SD29.jpg
riverGoldrill Beck in Patterdale (NY31)Ws02NY31.jpg; Ws02NY41.jpg
riverRiver Gowan in Hugill (SD49)Ws02SD49.jpg
Gowbarrow ParkGowbarrow Park in Matterdale (NY42)Ws02NY32.jpg; Ws02NY42.jpg
riverGrains Gill in Borrowdale (NY21)Ws02NY21.jpg
GrangeGrange in Borrowdale (NY21)Ws02NY21.jpg
GrangeGrange-over-Sands (SD407778)Ws02SD37.jpg
Grasmere WaterGrasmere in Lakes (NY30) / labelled 'GRASMERE WATER'Ws02NY30.jpg
Grasmire HillGrasmoor in Buttermere (NY12) / Shown by a small circle of hachuring.Ws02NY12.jpg
Graithwaiteprobably Graythwaite Hall in Satterthwaite (SD39)Ws02SD39.jpg
CrosthwaiteGreat Crosthwaite in Keswick (NY261242)Ws02NY22.jpg
riverGreat Langdale Beck in Lakes (NY30)Ws02NY20.jpg; Ws02NY30.jpg
Urswickprobably Great Urswick in Urswick (SD2674)Ws02SD27.jpg
Green OddGreenodd in Egton with Newland (SD38)Ws02SD28.jpg
Greeta RiverRiver Greta in Keswick etc (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
Graystock CastleGreystoke Castle in Greystoke (NY43) / Shown by a drawing of a building in the park.Ws02NY43.jpg
Graystock ParkGreystoke Park in Greystoke (NY43) / Shown by an oval of fence palings, with the castle inside.Ws02NY43.jpg
riverGrisedale Beck in Patterdale (NY31)Ws02NY31.jpg
Holling FellHallin Fell in Martindale (NY41)Ws02NY41.jpg
HaltonHelton in Lancashire (SD5064)Ws02SD55.jpg
Hard Knotprobably Hardknott Pass in Eskdale etc (NY20)Ws02NY20.jpg
Harter FellHarter Fell in Longsleddale etc (NY4609) / labelled 'HARTER FELL'Ws02NY41.jpg
riverHaverigg Pool in Millom Without (SD17)Ws02SD17.jpg
riverHaweswater Beck in Shap Rural etc (NY51)Ws02NY51.jpg
Hawes WaterHaweswater Reservoir in Bampton etc (NY41) / labelled 'HAWES WATER'Ws02NY41.jpg
HawksheadHawkshead (SD351980) / labelled 'HAWKSHEAD'Ws02SD39.jpg
HelvellynHelvellyn in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn etc (NY31) / labelled 'HELVELLYN' / Shown by a circle of hachuring across the county boundary. Ws02NY31.jpg
Hest BankHest Bank in Lancashire (SD4766)Ws02SD46.jpg
HevershamHeversham (SD4983)Ws02SD48.jpg
Heysham PointHeysham Point? in Lancashire (SD4061)Ws02SD45.jpg
Heysham PointHeysham in Lancashire (SD4061)Ws02SD45.jpg
Lortonprobably High Lorton in Lorton (NY12)Ws02NY12.jpg
NewtonHigh Newton in Upper Allithwaite (SD48)Ws02SD38.jpg
NibthwaiteHigh Nibthwaite in Colton (SD28)Ws02SD29.jpg
High PikeHigh Pike in Caldbeck (NY33) / Marked by a small circle of hachures.Ws02NY13.jpg
High StileHigh Stile in Ennerdale and Kinniside etc (NY11) / Marked by a tiny circle of hachuring.Ws02NY11.jpg
High StreetHigh Street in Patterdale etc (NY41) / labelled 'HIGH STREET'Ws02NY41.jpg
High CrossHighcross in Loweswater (NY12)Ws02NY12.jpg
canal tunnelHincaster Tunnel in Hincaster (SD5185) / labelled 'Tunnel' / The tunnel is not drawn differently from the rest of the canal.Ws02SD58.jpg
Hedbarrow PointHodbarrow Point in Millom (SD17)Ws02SD17.jpg
Holker HallHolker Hall in Lower Holker (SD37)Ws02SD37.jpg
Honister CragHonister Crag in Buttermere (NY21)Ws02NY11.jpg
Humphry PointHumphrey Head Point in Lower Allithwaite (SD37)Ws02SD37.jpg
Hill BellIll Bell in Kentmere etc (NY40) / labelled 'HILL BELL' / Shown by a small circle of hachuring.Ws02NY40.jpg
Irish SeaIrish Sea (NY04+ ) / labelled 'THE IRISH SEA'
Irt RiverRiver Irt in Irton with Santon (NY10)Ws02NY10.jpg; Ws02NY00.jpg; Ws02SD09.jpg
Walney IsleIsle of Walney in Barrow-in-Furness (SD16)Ws02SD17.jpg; Ws02SD16.jpg
riverRiver Keer in Lancashire (SD47)Ws02SD56.jpg
KendalKendal (SD514926) / labelled 'KENDAL' / As well as buildings there is a castle to the east.Ws02SD59.jpg
castleKendal Castle in Kendal (SD59) / On the east of Kendal.Ws02SD59.jpg
river estuaryKent Estuary in Lower Allithwaite etc (SD47)Ws02SD48.jpg; Ws02SD47.jpg; Ws02SD37.jpg
Kent RiverRiver Kent in Kentmere (NY40) / labelled 'Kent River'Ws02NY40.jpg; Ws02SD49.jpg; Ws02SD59.jpg; Ws02SD58.jpg; Ws02SD48.jpg
Kentmere TarnKentmere Tarn in Kentmere (NY455028) / labelled 'Kentmere tarn'Ws02NY40.jpg
riverKeskadale Beck in Above Derwent (NY21)Ws02NY11.jpg
Keskcadaleprobably (there's not much else there) Keskadale Farm in Above Derwent (NY21)Ws02NY12.jpg
KeswickKeswick (NY266234) / labelled 'KESWICK'Ws02NY22.jpg
Kidsey PikeKidsty Pike in Martindale etc (NY41) / Shown by a tiny circle of hachuring.Ws02NY41.jpg
Kirby Irelethmap feature in Kirkby Ireleth (SD28)Ws02SD17.jpg
riverKirkby Pool in Kirkby Ireleth etc (SD28)Ws02SD29.jpg; Ws02SD28.jpg; Ws02SD18.jpg
KirkstoneKirkstone Pass in Patterdale (NY401080) / labelled 'KIRKSTONE'Ws02NY41.jpg; Ws02NY30.jpg
islandLady Holme in Windermere (SD39) / In Windermere Water.Ws02SD39.jpg
Lancaster CanalLancaster Canal in Kendal etc (SD59)Ws02SD59.jpg; Ws02SD58.jpg; Ws02SD57.jpg; Ws02SD56.jpg; Ws02SD45.jpg; Ws02SD55.jpg
castleLancaster Castle in Lancaster (SD473619) / labelled 'Castle'Ws02SD45.jpg
Lancaster SandsLancaster Sands (SD47+ )Ws02SD37.jpg; Ws02SD47.jpg; Ws02SD46.jpg
LancasterLancaster in Lancashire (SD476616) / labelled 'LANCASTER' / As well as groups of blocks there are symbols for a church and the castle.Ws02SD55.jpg
Langdale PikesLangdale Pikes in Lakes (NY20) / Shown by a couple of small circles of hachuring.Ws02NY20.jpg
LatrigLatrigg in Underskiddaw (NY22) / Shown by a tiny circle of hachuring.Ws02NY22.jpg
LeeceLeece in Aldingham (SD26)Ws02SD26.jpg
riverLeighton Beck in Cumbria (SD47) / Drawn entirely in Westmorland.Ws02SD47.jpg
Leighton HallLeighton House in Beetham (SD47)Ws02SD46.jpg
riverRiver Leith in Lowther etc (NY52)Ws02NY53.jpg; Ws02NY52.jpg
river estuaryLeven Estuary in Cumbria (SD37+ )Ws02SD38.jpg; Ws02SD37.jpg
Leven, RiverRiver Leven in Haverthwaite (SD38) / labelled 'Leven R.'Ws02SD38.jpg
waterfallLevens Force in Levens etc (SD50798655) / labelled 'Waterfall'Ws02SD48.jpg
Levens HallLevens Hall in Levens (SD48) / Across the road from the park.Ws02SD48.jpg
parkLevens Park in Levens (SD58) / labelled 'Park' / Roughly circular outline, with fence palings.Ws02SD48.jpg
Lever WaterLevers Water in Coniston (SD29)Ws02SD29.jpg
riverLevy Beck in Ulverston (SD27)Ws02SD27.jpg
riverLinbeck Gill in Muncaster etc (SD19)Ws02SD19.jpg
LindalLindal in Furness in Lindal and Marton (SD2475)Ws02SD27.jpg
LindalLindale in Upper Allithwaite (SD415805)Ws02SD37.jpg
islandLing Holme in Windermere (SD39) / In Windermere Water.Ws02SD39.jpg
riverprobably Lingmell Beck in Nether Wasdale (NY10)Ws02NY10.jpg
Mell FellLittle Mell Fell in Matterdale (NY42) / labelled 'MELL FELL'Ws02NY32.jpg
Little StricklandLittle Strickland (NY5619)Ws02NY51.jpg
riverRiver Liza in Ennerdale and Kinniside (NY11)Ws02NY11.jpg
LowdoreLodore in Borrowdale (NY2618)Ws02NY22.jpg
Long SleddaleLongsleddale (NY4904) / Marked by a block for a village or hamlet.Ws02NY50.jpg
islandprobably Lord's Island in Borrowdale (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
gunpowder worksLow Wood Gunpowder Mills in Haverthwaite (SD3584?) / labelled 'Gunpowder Mills' / By Low Wood.Ws02SD38.jpg
Low WoodLow Wood in Haverthwaite (SD38) / There are no symbols to indicate woodland.Ws02SD38.jpg
Low WoodLow Wood in Lakes (NY3802) / There are no tree symbols.Ws02NY30.jpg
Lowes WaterLoweswater (NY125217) / labelled 'LOWES WATER'Ws02NY122.jpg
Lowick HallLowick Hall in Lowick (SD28)Ws02SD28.jpg
New VillageLowther (NY5323) / Drawn as two semicircles of buildings.Ws02NY52.jpg
Lowther HallLowther Castle in Lowther (NY52) / Marked by a drawing of a building in a park enclosed by the river and a paling fence.Ws02NY52.jpg
parkLowther Park in Lowther (NY52) / Marked by a drawing of a building in a park enclosed by the river and a paling fence.Ws02NY52.jpg
Lowther RiverRiver Lowther in Askham etc (NY52)Ws02NY53.jpg; Ws02NY52.jpg; Ws02NY51.jpg
canal aqueductLune Aqueduct in Lancashire (SD4863) / The canal aqueduct over the River Lune is drawn with the river crossing over the canal.Ws02SD55.jpg
river estuaryLune Estuary in Lancashire (SD45)Ws02SD45.jpg
riverRiver Lune in Tebay etc (NY60)Ws02SD55.jpg
riverLupton Beck in Lupton (SD58)Ws02SD58.jpg; Ws02SD57.jpg
Lytharea in Crosthwaite and Lyth (SD48)Ws02SD48.jpg
Martindale ForestMartindale Common in Martindale (NY41) / labelled 'MARTINDALE FOREST'Ws02NY41.jpg
MedupMeathop in Meathop and Ulpha (SD4380)Ws02SD47.jpg
Mell-breakMellbreak in Loweswater (NY11)Ws02NY11.jpg
Millom CastleMillom Castle in Millom (SD18)Ws02SD18.jpg
MillthropMilnthorpe (SD496815) / labelled 'MILLTHROP'Ws02SD48.jpg
riverRiver Mint in Kendal etc (SD59)Ws02NY50.jpg; Ws02SD59.jpg
Mite RiverRiver Mite in Eskdale (NY10)Ws02NY20.jpg; Ws02SD29.jpg; Ws02SD19.jpg
MorlandMorland (NY598225)Ws02NY52.jpg
riverperhaps Mosedale Beck in Matterdale etc (NY32)Ws02NY32.jpg
riverprobably Mosedale Beck in Nether Wasdale (NY10)Ws02NY10.jpg
Moncaster houseMuncaster Castle in Muncaster (SD19)Ws02SD09.jpg
NatlandNatland (SD5289)Ws02SD58.jpg
Sawreyprobably Near Sawrey in Claife (SD39)Ws02SD39.jpg
riverprobably Nether Beck in Nether Wasdale (NY10)Ws02NY10.jpg
Newby BridgeNewby Bridge in Staveley-in-Cartmel (SD36918636)Ws02SD38.jpg
riverNewland Beck in Egton with Newland (SD38)Ws02SD28.jpg
Newland FurnaceNewland Furnace? in Egton with Newland (SD3079?)Ws02SD28.jpg
riverNewlands Beck in Above Derwent (NY21)Ws02NY22.jpg
NewlandsNewlands in Above Derwent (NY234204)Ws02NY21.jpg
Cartmell FellsNewton Fell in Upper Allithwaite (SD48) / labelled 'CARTMELL FELLS'Ws02SD38.jpg
furnaceNibthwaite Furnace? in Colton (SD2989?) / labelled 'Furnace' / By Nibthwaite.Ws02SD28.jpg
islandprobably Norfolk Island in Patterdale (NY31)Ws02NY31.jpg
North End HawsNorth End Haws in Barrow-in-Furness (SD17)Ws02SD17.jpg
North Endprobably North Scale in Barrow-in-Furness (SD17)Ws02SD17.jpg
lakeOut Dubs Tarn in Hawkshead etc (SD367948)Ws02SD39.jpg
gunpowder worksSedgwick Gunpowder Mills in Helsington? (SD509875) / labelled 'Powdermills'Ws02SD58.jpg
OrmathwaiteOrmathwaite in Underskiddaw (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
OrrestheadOrrest Head in Windermere (SD49)Ws02SD49.jpg
Ouse BridgeOuse Bridge in Blindcrake (NY199321)Ws02NY13.jpg
Kelletprobably Over Kellet in Lancashire (SD5269)Ws02SD56.jpg
Over WaterOver Water in Ireby (NY23)Ws02NY23.jpg
OvertonOverton in Lancashire (SD4457)Ws02SD45.jpg
parkThe Park in Beetham (SD4980) / labelled 'Park' / There is no symbol.Ws02SD47.jpg
PatterdalePatterdale (NY394160)Ws02NY31.jpg
riverPeasey Beck in Beetham etc (SD58)Ws02SD59.jpg; Ws02SD58.jpg
peat mosspeat moss in Crosthwaite and Lyth? (SD48) / labelled 'Peatmoss' / Beside the River Gilpin.Ws02SD48.jpg
islandPeel Island in Coniston (SD295918) / In Coniston Water.Ws02SD29.jpg
PenningtonPennington (SD2677)Ws02SD27.jpg
Penny BridgePenny Bridge in Egton with Newland (SD31018329)Ws02SD28.jpg
Penny BridgePenny Bridge in Egton with Newland (SD38)Ws02SD28.jpg
PenrithPenrith (NY513304) / labelled 'PENRITH'Ws02NY43.jpg
PenruddockPenruddock in Hutton (NY429276)Ws02NY42.jpg
Petterill RiverRiver Petteril in St Cuthbert Without etc (NY45)Ws02NY43.jpg
Peel CastlePiel Castle in Barrow-in-Furness (SD233636)Ws02SD26.jpg
islandPiel Island in Barrow-in-Furness (SD26)Ws02SD26.jpg
Place FellPlace Fell in Patterdale etc (NY41) / labelled 'PLACE FELL'Ws02NY31.jpg
riverPoaka Beck in Lindal and Marton (SD27)Ws02SD17.jpg; Ws02SD16.jpg
riverRiver Pool in Underbarrow and Bradleyfield (SD49)Ws02SD49.jpg; Ws02SD48.jpg
Pooley BridgePooley Bridge in Barton etc (NY42)Ws02NY42.jpg
PortinscalePortinscale in Above Derwent (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
PoultonPoulton? in Lancashire (SD4363)Ws02SD45.jpg
islandRamp Holme in Windermere (SD39) / In Windermere Water.Ws02SD39.jpg
riverRampsgill Beck in Martindale (NY41)Ws02NY42.jpg
islandprobably Rampsholme Island in Borrowdale (NY2621)Ws02NY22.jpg
RamsideRampside in Barrow-in-Furness (SD26)Ws02SD26.jpg
RavenglassRavenglass in Muncaster (SD085964)Ws02SD09.jpg
Rawlinson's NabRawlinson Nab in Satterthwaite (SD39)Ws02SD39.jpg
Rayrigprobably Rayrigg Hall in Windermere (SD49)Ws02SD49.jpg
Red PikeRed Pike in Ennerdale and Kinniside etc (NY11) / Marked by a tiny circle of hachuring.Ws02NY11.jpg
Roe IslandRoa Island in Barrow-in-Furness (SD26) / labelled 'Roe I.'Ws02SD26.jpg
roman fortGalava in Lakes (NY376033) / labelled 'Camp'Ws02NY30.jpg
roman fortroman fort in Hutton (NY407282) / labelled 'Roman Camp'Ws02NY32.jpg
RosgilRosgill in Shap Rural (NY51)Ws02NY51.jpg
RosthwaiteRosthwaite in Borrowdale (NY259149)Ws02NY21.jpg
riverRiver Rothay in Lakes (NY30)Ws02NY30.jpg
islandRough Holme in Windermere (SD39) / In Windermere Water.Ws02SD39.jpg
riverRusland Pool in Colton (SD38)Ws02SD38.jpg
Rydal HallRydal Hall in Lakes (NY365064)Ws02NY30.jpg
Rydal WaterRydal Water in Lakes (NY30)Ws02NY30.jpg
Saddle BackSaddleback in Threlkeld (NY32) / labelled 'SADDLE BACK'Ws02NY32.jpg
Holker Gateperhaps Sand Gate in Lower Holker (SD3575)Ws02SD37.jpg
SandsideSand Side in Kirkby Ireleth (SD28)Ws02SD18.jpg
South Scale HawsSandscale Haws in Askam and Ireleth (SD200756)Ws02SD17.jpg
Scale HallScale Hall in Lancashire (SD4662)Ws02SD45.jpg
ScarenessScarness in Bassenthwaite (NY23)Ws02NY23.jpg
Underbarrow ScarScout Scar in Underbarrow and Bradleyfield (SD49)Ws02SD49.jpg
SedgwickSedgwick (SD5187)Ws02SD58.jpg
ShapShap (NY562153) / labelled 'SHAP'Ws02NY51.jpg
building/sShap Abbey in Shap Rural (NY548153) / labelled 'Abbey'Ws02NY51.jpg
ShapfellsShap Fells in Shap Rural (NY50) / labelled 'SHAPFELLS'Ws02NY50.jpg
Sheep IsleSheep Island in Barrow-in-Furness (SD26)Ws02SD16.jpg
Sizergh HallSizergh Castle in Helsington (SD48)Ws02SD48.jpg
Skeggles WaterSkeggles Water in Longsleddale etc (NY479034)Ws02NY40.jpg
riverSkeggleswater Dike in Longsleddale etc (NY40)Ws02SD47.jpg
SkertonSkerton in Lancashire (SD4763) / Suburb of Lancaster.Ws02SD55.jpg
SkiddawSkiddaw in Underskiddaw etc (NY22) / labelled 'SKIDDAW' / Shown by a small circle of hachuring.Ws02NY23.jpg
SkirwithSkirwith in Culgaith (NY6132)Ws02NY53.jpg
SlyneSlyne in Lancashire (SD4857)Ws02SD45.jpg
riverSour Milk Gill in Loweswater etc (NY11)Ws02NY11.jpg
South End HawsSouth End Haws in Barrow-in-Furness (SD26)Ws02SD26.jpg
South EndSouth End in Barrow-in-Furness (SD26)Ws02SD16.jpg
Sparkling TarnSprinkling Tarn in Borrowdale (NY20)Ws02NY20.jpg
riverRiver Sprint in Strickland Roger etc (NY5100+ )Ws02NY40.jpg; Ws02NY50.jpg; Ws02SD59.jpg
islandprobably St Herbert's Island in Above Derwent (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
riverSt John's Beck in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY32)Ws02NY32.jpg
St John's ValeSt John's in the Vale in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY32) / labelled 'St. John's Vale'Ws02NY32.jpg
churchSt Mary's Church in Lancaster (SD474619) / Shown by a drawing of a church.Ws02SD45.jpg
riverStainton Beck in Preston Richard (SD58)Ws02SD59.jpg; Ws02SD58.jpg
AdgarlyStaintonStainton with Adgarley in Urswick (SD27) / Two separate places are marked and labelled.Ws02SD27.jpg
StakeStake Pass in Borrowdale etc (NY20)Ws02NY21.jpg
Station, TheThe Station in Claife (SD3895) / labelled 'The Station'Ws02SD39.jpg
StaveleyStaveley in Over Staveley etc (SD470984)Ws02SD49.jpg
riverStock Ghyll in Lakes (NY30)Ws02NY30.jpg
waterfallStockghyll Force in Lakes (NY30) / labelled 'Water fall'Ws02NY30.jpg
riverStonethwaite Beck in Borrowdale (NY21)Ws02NY21.jpg
StorsStorrs in Windermere (SD39)Ws02SD39.jpg
Sty HeadSty Head in Nether Wasdale etc (NY20)Ws02NY20.jpg
Swarth FellSwarth Fell in Martindale (NY41) / labelled 'SWARTH FELL'Ws02NY42.jpg
riverSwindale Beck in Shap Rural (NY51)Ws02NY51.jpg
SwinsideSwinside in Above Derwent (NY2422)Ws02NY22.jpg
canal lockTewitfield Locks in Lancashire (SD5274) / labelled 'Locks' / The locks are indicated by a series of arrows drawn across the canal.Ws02SD57.jpg
TewitfieldTewitfield in Lancashire (SD5273)Ws02SD56.jpg
Leathes WaterThirlmere in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY31) / labelled 'LEATHES WATER'Ws02NY31.jpg
islandThompson's Holme in Windermere (SD39) / In Windermere Water.Ws02SD39.jpg
ThornthwaiteThornthwaite in Above Derwent (NY22)Ws02NY22.jpg
Shire StonesThree Shire Stone in Ulpha etc (NY20) / On the meeting of the three county boundaries; there are three dots by the label.Ws02NY20.jpg
ThrelkeldThrelkeld (NY322254)Ws02NY32.jpg
ThrimbyThrimby in Little Strickland (NY52)Ws02NY51.jpg
TorrisholmTorrisholme in Lancashire (SD4564)Ws02SD45.jpg
TorverTorver (SD2894)Ws02SD29.jpg
riverperhaps Trout Beck in Matterdale (NY32)Ws02NY32.jpg
TroutbeckTrout Beck in Lakes (NY40)Ws02NY40.jpg
parkTroutbeck Park in Lakes (NY40) / labelled 'Park' / A rectangular area, bounded by the Trout Beck and a paling fence.Ws02NY40.jpg
Tituppossibly Tytup Hall in Dalton Town with Newton (SD27)Ws02SD27.jpg
Ulls WaterUllswater in Matterdale etc (NY422202) / labelled 'ULLS WATER' / The tinted county boundary puts the whole lake in Cumberland.Ws02NY42.jpg; Ws02NY32.jpg; Ws02NY31.jpg
UlverstonUlverston (SD289783) / labelled 'ULVERSTON'Ws02SD27.jpg
Leven SandsUlverston Sands in Urswick (SD37) / labelled 'Leven and Ulverston Sands'Ws02SD27.jpg; Ws02SD37.jpg
lakeUrswick Tarn in Urswick (SD27)Ws02SD27.jpg
islandprobably Wall Holm in Patterdale (NY3917)Ws02NY31.jpg
WartonWarton in Lancashire (SD5072)Ws02SD56.jpg
Wast WaterWast Water in Nether Wasdale (NY161059) / labelled 'WAST WATER'Ws02NY10.jpg
Water-crookWatercrook in Natland (SD5190)Ws02SD59.jpg
WaterheadWaterhead in Coniston (SD39)Ws02SD39.jpg
WatermillockWatermillock in Matterdale (NY42)Ws02NY42.jpg
riverWhicham Beck in Whicham etc (SD18)Ws02SD18.jpg
riverWhillan Beck in Eskdale (NY10)Ws02NY10.jpg; Ws02SD19.jpg
WhinlaterWhinlatter in Lorton (NY12)Ws02NY22.jpg
Witherslack ScarWhitbarrow Scar in Crosthwaite and Lyth (SD48)Ws02SD48.jpg
Whitbarrow ScarWhite Scar in Crosthwaite and Lyth (SD48) / The scar labelled is a continuation of Whitbarrow Scar, called White Scar.Ws02SD48.jpg
WhitesideWhiteside in Buttermere (NY12) / Shown by a tiny circle of hachuring.Ws02NY12.jpg
ferryferry in Windermere (SD39) / The ferry across Windermere is not marked or labelled, but is implied by the layout of roads.Ws02SD39.jpg
Windermere WaterWindermere in Lakes etc (SD392950) / labelled 'WINDERMERE WATER' / The county boundary is drawn across the lake at the Rawlinson's Nab.Ws02NY30.jpg; Ws02SD39.jpg; Ws02SD38.jpg
riverRiver Winster in Upper Allithwaite etc (SD48) / The stream marks the county boundary from the coast.Ws02SD49.jpg; Ws02SD48.jpg; Ws02SD47.jpg
WitherslackWitherslack (SD4383)Ws02SD48.jpg
Wry NoseWrynose Pass in Ulpha etc (NY20)Ws02NY20.jpg
riverWyth Burn in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY31)Ws02NY31.jpg
WythburnWythburn in St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (NY3213)Ws02NY31.jpg
riverWythop Beck in Wythop (NY12)Ws02NY13.jpg
Yealandsprobably Yealands Conyer in Lancashire (SD5074)Ws02SD56.jpg

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