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Page 149:-
  Loder, Strickland.
Loder is also a place of the same name, which, like Strickland in its neighbourhood, gave name to families of antient renown. Higher up at the confluence of the Loder and Eymot in the year 1602 was found a stone with this inscription in honour of Constantine the Great:
  Pientissimo Augusto.

  Isanparles Hanging walls of Marcantoniby.
  Eamont, River
The Eymot, after serving some time as a boundary between this county and Cumberland near Isanparles, a rock well known in the neighbourhood, formed by Nature difficult of access, with many caverns and detours as a retreat to the distressed in troublesome times, throws its own and other streams into the Eden after a course of a few miles, when it has received the river Blencarne, a boundary towards Cumberland, on which I am told are confused ruins of a castle called the Hanging walls of Marcantoniby, or, as they fancy, Mark Anthony.
  Arms of Vipont. Earls of Westmoreland.
  Westmorland, Earl of
The first lord of Westmoreland that I have met with was Robert de Veteriponte, or de Vipont, who bore for his arms G. six annulets Or. King John gave him "the bailliwik and revenues of Westmoreland for four knights fees," whence the Cliffords his successors to this day hold the office of Sheriff of Westmoreland [*]. For the last Robert de Vipont [m] left only two daughters Sybill [n], wife of Roger lord Clifford, and Idonea, married to Roger de Leybourne. A long while after this king Richard II. [o] created first earl of Westmoreland Radulphus de Novavilla, or Neville, lord of Raby, a man of high and antient Saxon nobility, descended from Uchtred, earl of Northumberland. His descendants by his first wife M. [p] daughter of the earl of Stafford, enjoyed this title till Charles forming a conspiracy as vain as wicked against Queen Elizabeth, and being obliged to fly his country [q], disgraced that noble family, stained his own glories [r], and ended his life in wretched exile in the Netherlands. By his second wife Catherine [s], daughter of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, he had such a numerous issue, that her descendants were at one and the same time earl of Salisbury, earl of Warwick, earl of Kent, marquis Montacute, baron Latimer, and baron Abergagavenny [t].
In this county are 26 populous parishes.
149.*   Fines term. Mich. E.VI. H.VIII.
[m] who died 1261. Dugd. Bar. I. 349. 337.
[n] Isabel. H.
[o] 21 R.II. He died 1425, 14 H.VI. buried at Staindrop. Ib. 297.
[p] Margaret. Ib. 298. His son John died 1423 in his father's life time, and was buried in Grey Friars, London, and his son Ralph succeeded and died 4 Richard III. 1484, succeeded by his nephew Ralph 15 H. VII. and he by his grandson, who died 15 E. VI. His son Henry succeeded, and died 1564, 6 E. I. His son Charles joined in Northumberland's designs in favour of the Queen of Scots, and died 1584. (Camden vit. Eliz.) and with him this title ended. Ib. 297-301.
[q] and covering treason under the mask of religion. H.
[r] by actual rebellion in 1599. Ib.
[s] Joan. Dugd. Ib. 298.
[t] A duke of Bedford. H.
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